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7 Ways To Maximise Your Technical Writing Career With ChatGPT

Recently, people have begun to pick on the flaws of ChatGPT to prove that AI is and will not be a substitute for humans' jobs. "Our jobs are safe"; is a typical sentence people use after managing to convince the AI that "1 + 1" is "11" and not "2". Is the AI really convinced that "1 + 1" is "11" and not "2" or is it acting in line with the way it was programmed—"...not to underestimate man's intelligence", as some people would say? That's not for me to decide. Instead of contending imprudently with ChatGPT, you could augment your skills, and possibly get a chance for a promotion or pay raise at your current job, or an awesome offer from another company.

Meme for using ChatGPT appropriately

As a technical writer, here are 7 ways to tap ChatGPT's intelligence to become better skilled.

  • If you are out of ideas for new articles, ask ChatGPT.

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  • If you have an idea but inadequate information, ask ChatGPT to write the article. The article will give you an overview good enough to be your starting point. Ensure you do your research as well and do not copy and paste.
  • You may even have an idea and in-depth knowledge of the topic you want to write about but no structural clarity. Tell ChatGPT what you know and ask it to give you a suitable outline for your topic.

A sample outline provided by ChatGPT upon request

  • You may decide to write a series for beginners or advanced programmers on a programming language or concept; ask ChatGPT to structure the series.
  • Do you need a cover image for your article? Tell ChatGPT to make good suggestions for it. It'll give you a list of search keywords related to your article, and even links to where to get them.
  • You want to improve SEO for your articles? Tell ChatGPT to rewrite your article topic and list SEO keywords.
  • What about paraphrasing? ChatGPT does that well. It can even summarise for you.

Instead of asking questions that add no value to your career, you may turn things around and make ChatGPT a productivity tool.

Aside from the list here, ChatGPT offers much more benefits for you as a technical writer. Find them out and use them to improve your skills. When you do, kindly return to this post and write your discoveries in the comment section.

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Bobate Olusegun

This is how we should harness this powerful tool not asking questions that don't add up to anything. Thanks for this man, I call chatGPT my Personal Assistance as it has helped me improve my writing and research skills.

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Chinwendu Evans

Thank you for this master piece. I have been using this for a while now, I only came back to thank you for this great article