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Andrei Lacatusu serie
What is the futur of FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter or Tinder? We don't know - we don't care? Andrei Lacatusu got his own idea... Since Google just had its 20 years old, the Romanian artist symbolizes the fall of giants of the Silicon Valley in a serie called “Social Decay” where he imagines their decrepit signs. Must we see the death of social networks on it... and the rise of a real social cohesion?
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Kasey Speakman • Edited

Culture is a series of pendulum swings. We go all-in on something new and then at some point grow tired of it. If it is something actually useful, it simply fades into the fabric of everyday life. If we find out its not useful, we abandon it and proceed to the other extreme.

I guess social media is useful. Primarily as a sales vehicle (or collecting data therefor), and to a lesser degree for people to keep in touch, mostly at a surface level. I don't see it continuing in its current form forever. I see competitors coming which eventually break into the market share, and at some point a federated protocol where you can be on any service and connect with people on any other. The incumbents will fight that tooth and nail obviously, so it may take a while.

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Lewis Menelaws

I love those images. I personally think that these companies will just slowly get bigger and bigger and possibly hit a plateau. Then the ethics of the companies will change and we might see AI try and control our lives with it.

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Drozerah Author • Edited

Doomy vision about AI, nevertheless the fact that it is nearly the case, already... Chatbots on the way... :)