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About Me

Who Am I?

I am Dom. I am 14 years old and just started High School. I started coding in 7th grade, during quarantine on a crappy chromebook. I started with HTML, CSS, and vanilla JavaScript. I was learning on Khan Academy, and completed the course that same year. I then moved on to Python, somethings that I liked about python was; simple, easy to read and write, and very accessible. I learned the basics of python but soon realized I liked it better when I was able to view my work. But, I did like automating tasks with python, my favorite automation was receiving text messages about bitcoin and Ethereum every 1 hour. I also learned just enough Java to create a robot for my school's First Robotics team, even though I was the only freshman and I had to build and code the robot by scratch, we still performed really good. I remember having to use the 2012 Apple MacBook Pros that had terrible battery life. At each of the competitions, I was the only middle schooler which made it very awkward for me to communicate with my alliance team, but I soon got over that sense of anxiety. That same year I applied to a high school to major in computer science, the school told me that they couldn't accept me because they didn't have enough space but they recommended me to my current high school where I am majoring in robotics. This summer I learned ReactJS and the basics of Django, and I finally learned how to use git and GitHub. Although I liked how easy it was to use Django, I couldn't understand the folder structure, but I found a alternative: NextJS. I am currently learning NextJS and created a list of languages I want to learn in the course of the next 5 years. Those languages are:

  • NextJS
  • NodeJS
  • Tailwind CSS
  • SQL Lite

Based on those 4 languages you can see, I really want to become a full-stack developer.

Goals for After High School and College

After high school and college I want to work as a full stack developer at a medium-sized company. Although, at FAANG companies you get paid a lot, you aren't really valued the same if you were to work at a start-up, but if you work at a start-up they depend you a lot more. Overall, medium-sized companies give me a good work-load and okay pay.


When I am not coding or working with robots I like to:

  • play the bass
  • play Apex (I am terrible though)
  • play soccer
  • watch anime (I am not a weeb though)

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