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38% of Startup 2/10

In Febuary I decided that I would make 10 startups in 10 months. So far, we are in the second month. I am about 38 percent through this month but I have made signifacant progress, the goal was to create a study platform for people to share their school related questions and make posts about studying tips. Although it has been going great I have reached a problem, I already finished the project. You see, I grinded that project out believing that I would not have any chance of completing it on time but the reverse happened. Now I am drawing a blank on ideas. Tomorrow I'm gonna ask ChatGPT for study app ideas and then figure out how to impliment them into the app.

I have decided to add a new rule to this project. For each startup that I make, I must use a new libary with it. I decided to do this so that I can learn to adapt to differnet libaries and learn how to read documentation. I get easily overwhelmed when reading documentation, so to overcome I implemented this rule. I know that this will benefit me in the long run an will be a great skill to have in the job force. For this project, I used react-bootstrap. I never heard of react-bootstrap until i ran into an article in In this article, they talked about different libaries where I ran into react-bootstrap. So far, it is very easy to use and the documentation is really helpful. I have enjoyed using it and I might use it again in different projects.

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