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Days 1-34 / #100daysofcode


Overall in this period of time, I devoted time into learning NEXTJS, which I would say is successful. I learned how to use a API and use Firebase for databases, I have made various projects to learn more about NEXTJS.

My favorite ones are:

  • Meal Saver: For this project, I decided that I would use an API and Firebase. I used the API to get data and used Firebase so that the user could log in and save recipes and cocktails. I decided that I would do the Meal Saver project so that I could learn how to use an API and Firebase. This was the first project I did with Firebase, which was easy because of the clear documentation.

  • Todo List: For the to-do list decided to use Firebase and Bootstrap. For this project specifically, I did not want to do a lot of styling, so I decided to use bootstrap. I used Firebase to save tasks, and their description and toggle completed and uncompleted tasks. The main goal of this project was to work on my NEXTJS and Firebase skills. The overall goal was to make sure that I knew what I understood the basics.

  • Job Saver: I used Firebase for this project, which was quick. I decided to do this project just so that it would be easier to save data about a job on a website. This website was so useful to me that I decided to add user authentication and deploy it so everyone could use it.


Since I have proved to understand most of NEXTJS I have decided that I would start learned NodeJS and MongoDB. I have started the basic parts of my big project which will be presented in the next part.


The big project that I plan to work on was inspired by a lesson that I had in engineering class. Our class decision was about how people purchase ideas from others. The entire day I thought about how hard it is to come up with ideas sometimes or how other people need help executing the ideas. So I decided that I would create a website where people post their ideas on the web, then people who need help with coming up with an idea can then come to this website and contact the person about the idea.


A highlight of this experience would be using Firebase. I love how easy it is to get started with it and how beginner friendly Firebase is. I have been using Vercel to deploy the website and learned Git to help with deploying the website. I found some jobs that I would be qualified for if I was of legal age and not in high school. Click here to see the job! Thank you guys for reading and I plan to post in bulk.

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