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Ajeet Singh Raina for Docker

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Get Started with Node.js development

Developers use Node.js to build fast, scalable, and real-time apps — thanks to its highly-robust event-driven runtime. It’s also asynchronous. Node.js can handle a huge number of concurrent connections, with high throughput, as traffic spikes. Accordingly, it’s ideal for building microservices architectures.


Users have downloaded our Node.js Docker Official Image more than 1 billion times from Docker Hub. What’s driving this significant download rate? There’s an ever-increasing demand for Docker containers to streamline development workflows, while giving Node.js developers the freedom to innovate with their choice of project-tailored tools, application stacks, and deployment environments.

We’ll show you how to rapidly and easily containerize your Node.js app — seamlessly circumventing common Node compatibility issues while accelerating deployment. This lets your application easily run cross-platform on different CPU architectures.

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