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Ajeet Singh Raina for Docker

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Get started with Spring Boot Application Development


Spring Boot is the world’s leading Java web framework. It’s open source, microservices-based, and helps developers to build scalable Java apps. Developers love Spring because of its auto-configuration, embedded servers, and simplified dependency management. It helps development teams create services faster and more efficiently. Accordingly, users spend very little time on initial setup. That includes downloading essential packages or application servers.

The biggest challenge that developers face with Spring Boot is concurrency — or the need to do too many things simultaneously. Spring Boot may also unnecessarily increase the deployment binary size with unused dependencies. This creates bloated JARs that may increase your overall application footprint while impacting performance. Other challenges include a high learning curve and complexity while building a customized logging mechanism.

How can you offset these drawbacks? Docker simplifies and accelerates your workflows by letting you freely innovate with your choice of tools, application stacks, and deployment environments for each project. You can run your Spring Boot artifact directly within Docker containers. This is useful when you need to quickly create microservices. Let’s see this process in action.

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