Which do you prefer vscode or Atom?

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I have always had the need to find new tools for development purposes. They can be text editors, a library to manage tasks, a script to build an upcoming project, etc. The tools simplify the work environment and improve productivity at the same time. Among all text editors, Atom and Visual Studio Code are favorites among designers and developers. but is it interesting to know which one is preferred?

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I see no reason to use Atom.

For me the choice is between VScode and vim.

VScode works best out of the box and is easier to extend ad infinitum. It is basically a new industry standard tool.

vim is faster and more powerful. It has pretty much all the extensions you could need too.

I have started learning vim because I really like to have fast workflow. Now I am also using vim plugin in VScode and vimium plugin in chrome. i3 window manager also uses similar bi dings. Everything is so fast now.


I prefer VSCode. It's been a long time since I've used Atom the last time, and I think I mainly switched because of colleagues telling me 'try VSCode' and then getting used to it with all the extensions.

Any extenions recommended for Fullstack Devs?
Some of the extensions I use: Auto Close Tag, Auto Import, Babel JavaScript, GitLens.... Prettier (absolutely most fav!)


VSCode hands down.

It performs better, has extensions that actually work better in most of my cases, and it integrates way better with most languages.

I remember having to struggle with Atom for a while in bigger projects, not having my linters work. It felt slow and clunky. Also, back then it lacked a lot of the nice refactoring features that come packaged with VSCode. That was a while back, so that may have been fixed. But I'm sticking with VSCode as I've gotten so used to it.

Also, I feel like there's more of an enterprise level community surrounding VSCode that produces higher quality experience.

But that's my 2c.


I use Atom manly cause it's the first one I think of and it works well


Vscode all the way. The extensions is the only reasons i was a atom guy but the extensions are important.


I was using Atom for a while but it was very slow for large files and some extensions had a habit of stopping working. After VS Code had matured a little bit I decided to give it a try and it has since replaced Atom.

I mostly use VS Code as a fancy Notepad at the moment. I work in an enterprise setting and we use Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise. But VS Code is always open on one of my monitors for "out of IDE" work.

When all else fails, Edlin. :D


I prefer VSCode. But i usually coding with Webstorm IDE.


When I started learning Web Dev, the company I went to used Atom, but I then found that I preferred VSCode because of the all the support and extentions.


Started with Atom and switched to VS Code and wouldn't go back.

VS Code has great extensions and just works out of the box.

As a MS Full Stack Dev it makes sense to use it


I use Visual Studio Code for almost everything. I’ve used Atom more as a text editor replacement.


I outrightly pick vscode.
It's ridiculously flexible and customizable.
You can be the best at particular languages with correct extensions and customizations.

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