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Pro Googling Tips

Hey Everyone,

Google is something we use in our daily lives, especially as developers. The most powerful tool has various potentials if, and only if, we use it right.

Below are some of the googling tips that will save your time incredibly

- Using "Quotation Marks"

This is used to search for the exact phrase. This helps google to return pages with only the same words in the same order as in the quotes.

For Example "DhanushNehru Github" will not return results that may contain "DhanushNehru" or "Github"

- Using "Site."

This will aid you in your search for a website that contains specific keywords.

For Example , to search when has been mentioned on instagram, use

" site:"

- Using "Filetype."

Using your search term + "filetype:< your file type>" will return the search in only that file type.

For Example, "cat filetype:pdf" will return pdf documents of cat images etc.

- Using "Related"

This keyword would help to list similar websites or anything similar to what you searched for.

For Example, you will find related online stores and similar links

- Using Wrong spelling

Google has gotten very smart over the years, and it is not necessary that you spell words correctly.

For Example, if you search "Hllo Wrd" it will assume that you are searching for "Hello World"

- Using "*"

The Asterik wildcard will leave a placeholder, which can automatically be filled by the search engine later. It would be very useful when we want to search for music lyrics when we don't know the full line, etc.

For example, "One day we will leave the world behind" alerts Google to the fact that the words between the asterisks can be anything. The above one would give the results for Avicii - The Nights.

- Using "AND"

With "AND" you can get results which includes more than one keyword

For Example, 'apple' AND 'orange' AND 'mango' will return a result that has apple and orange and mango and not just apple or orange or mango separately.

*- Using "OR" *

With "OR" you can perform two or more search queries at the same time.

For example you can search for pages that reference, hashnode or Medium using this keyword

- Using "-"

The "-" is used to eliminate unwanted results in the google search

For example if you want to find non-samsung smartphones, you can try searching "smartphones -samsung"

- Using ".."

By separating numbers with two periods, you'll find numbers within that range

For example, find books that cost between $10 and $30.

"Books" $10..$30

- Using "After"

If you want to return results after a specific date you can use "After"

For example, tech news after:2020 will return tech news articles published after 2020

- Using "Before"

If you want to return results before a specific date you can use "Before"

For example, covid news before:2020 will return covid news articles published before 2020

Thanks for reading ❤️, I hope you liked it.

If you know any more googling tips feel free to drop below

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