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10 Programming Mistakes to Avoid ❎ πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»

Hey Friends πŸ‘‹

Thanks to everyone who has read my posts so far in the past years and special thanks to my 3500+ followers for all your support πŸ™πŸ»

As a developer it is common to commit mistakes, but if we are aware of what mistakes we encounter it will literally help us to improve in the long run

Mistake 1: Dont learn multiple programming languages at the same time

While learning a programming it is necessary to grasp fundamental features like data types, loops, object orientation etc. If you learn one well, you can adapt to others

Mistake 2: Skipping the basics

Spending a couple of hours learning the basics like classes, objects, variables will help you in the long run

Mistake 3: Going with the first solution you find to a problem

Find multiple ways to do something and then finalise the solution instead of just picking one.

Mistake 4: Not using comments

Write comments in a way that it is natural language instead of code. It helps us understand what we can do and also help when the codebase grows.

Mistake 5: Make appropriate use of modular functions

Modular functions helps in code readability by breaking down a program into smaller functions. Try to define functions which has one purpose.

Mistake 6: Not using proper naming conventions

This is easy to forget. Writing descriptive naming conventions instead of naming your variables as a,b,c or i,j,k.

Mistake 7: Not planning the code

Ask few questions to yourself on how you are going to build your project. My approach towards planning the code is described in the below video

Mistake 8: Not following DRY

Dont Repeat Yourself - DRY. Repeating code segments makes the code difficult to maintain and update on changes.

Mistake 9: Inconsistent Indentation

Incorrect indentation can lead to syntax errors and makes the code visually confusing. Tools like prettier, eslint etc helps in maintaining consistent and readable indentation style

Mistake 10: Dont QUIT

Passion is essential to achieve great things, same goes for programming as well. Some may feel hard or easy but consistent practice will surely help you achieve great things

A more concise, detailed and visual explanation would be provided in this video & this is my first long youtube video and expecting your support πŸ™πŸ»

Thanks for your time.

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