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Dhanush N
Dhanush N

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I created an Open Source Custom Code Editor

Hey Everyone 👋

I'm excited to announce my open-source custom code editor! 🎉

This editor is currently open-source and supports two programming languages: JavaScript and Python ( more to be included ). I was fascinated with various code editors executed in coding platforms and many online platforms and I decided to create one. You can write and execute code seamlessly within the editor.

How to Get Involved

Check out existing issues or create new ones: Issue Tracker
Provide feedback or suggestions: Either in the comments below or raise new issues in the repository

Language Support: JavaScript and Python
Real-time Execution: Instantly run your code and see the output
Built with React: Modern, responsive, and fast

Contributions & Ideas

I am looking for contributions and ideas to enhance this project. Whether you're a developer, designer, or just a coding enthusiast, your input is invaluable!

Checkout the preview here: CustomCodeEditor

If you liked this project support it by starring it as it would really mean a lot ⭐️

Getting Started

  • Fork the repository: CustomCodeEditor
  • Clone the repository
  • Install dependencies: npm install
  • Please set the environment variables and respective configurations mentioned in the
  • Start the development server: npm start
  • I believe that with your help, we can make this code editor an amazing tool for developers everywhere.

Looking forward to your feedback and contributions!

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Top comments (7)

bladearya profile image
Amit Kumar Rout

It's good. Better to keep a loader while compiling

dhanushnehru profile image
Dhanush N

Thanks for the suggestion.

Will keep your suggestion in track. Created an issue for the same

officialphaqwasi profile image
Isaac Klutse

Indigenous, thanks for starting this project. I have not yet tried the editor yet, but this is an inspiration to those in the field. Kudos

dhanushnehru profile image
Dhanush N

Thank you 🙂

poetsmeniet profile image
Thomas Wink

Very nice. Now I'm interested in how one would implement JS lol. No time for that though ;-)

2 little things:

  • alert is not implemented
  • CTRL-Enter would be nice to run the code
dhanushnehru profile image
Dhanush N

Ha ha sure,

Great things ! just added them to the issues section

bonita22 profile image
Bonita Rose

Congratulations on launching your open-source custom code editor! 🎉 This is a fantastic tool for JavaScript and Python developers, allowing for seamless coding and real-time execution. Just as a high-quality leather jacket from Jorde Calf can elevate your style, contributing to this project can enhance your coding experience. Check out the preview, star the project if you like it, and join the community in making this editor even better. Your contributions can make a significant impact! #opensource #github #codenewbie #developer #leatherjackets