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Who's participating in Hacktoberfest 2020?

thepracticaldev profile image staff ・1 min read

Hacktoberfest 2020 is coming up in one week!

If you're seeking contributors or looking for projects to contribute to this month, check out this thread:

Regardless of whether or not you've decided on a project to make contributions, this is the place to meet fellow participants!

Tell us who you are and why you're taking part this year :)

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Jayesh Tembhekar ⚡

Hacktoberfest 2020 is my first one. 😬😃

tanvesh01 profile image
Tanvesh sarve

I AM!! my first one!

jess profile image
Jess Lee (she/her)

Whooo!! Good luck!

j3ffjessie profile image

Heck yeah I am. Ready and waiting. Can’t wait to participate in my first Hacktoberfest.

quinncuatro profile image
Henry Quinn

What are you going to be working on? Saw you were getting into JAMstack and I’ve had a lot of fun with projects in that space.

j3ffjessie profile image

Honestly no clue, have a lot to learn. Working through VetsWhoCode cohort right now and learning. Have my own project I could work on but probably just get comfortable contributing to other projects where I can for the month. Haven’t put much thought into it really. Been way to busy with work.

Thread Thread
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Henry Quinn

Word. Be sure to keep us updated. My dad’s a vet and getting started on a Squarespace site so I’m excited to see what you get up to.

Thread Thread
j3ffjessie profile image

Definitely. Working with APIs and Node right now so trying to come up with something cool in that aspect for right now. Who knows what will come of it.

ender_minyard profile image
ender minyard

Hi everyone! This is my first Hacktoberfest.

Testing is pretty intimidating to people, even developers with years of experience, so I want to make a testing-for-beginners tool. I want to create a plug and play command line tool that anyone can put in the test command for npm if they have nothing there.

I don't have a repo, just an idea :-)

vickilanger profile image
Vicki (she/her)

I'd love for that to exist. Testing is one of the things I haven't done and really want to

afairlie profile image

First time contributing to Hacktoberfest 🙋‍♀️

prakh_r profile image
Prakhar Yadav

I will ✋ This will be my 2nd Hacktoberfest. In the 1st one I was introduced to the world of open source. This time I wish to work on some C++ repos(which are very very hard to find) and I have started learning JavaScript so I wish I could find something that's beginner friendly and doable.

alvaromontoro profile image
Alvaro Montoro


This will be my third year. It is always fun to participate and collaborate with other developers.

jasonf profile image
Jason F

Second year! I'm super excited!

youssefrabeiii profile image
Youssef Rabei

First time for me 🤞

trackrunner profile image
Laszlo Toth

Hello everybody,

I am looking forward to contributing to Hacktoberfest first time ever :)
I learn some basics of Android Development in my free time and I hope I can add some value to one or more open-source projects.
The main reason to do it:

  • I don't want to regret years later why I didn't try it out. Or regret why I didn't participate earlier :)
  • I believe, teamwork is more successful than individual performance. Hopefully, both of us will learn something new.

Good luck everyone

chaycesol profile image
Chayce Solchaga

My first time! Forcing myself to do this because I am a new dev who is learning and hope this gives me more confidence about working with others and collaborating on awesome things!

avijit1998 profile image
Avijit Nanda

My third fest this time. Excited.

fennecdjay profile image
Jérémie Astor

I am!
I hope also my repos get some PR (I still have to update the issues though).
You can find them here.

cipharius profile image
Valts Liepiņš


This will be my third Hacktoberfest. In fact, I actually found out about DEV community from previous Hacktoberfest events!

It has been real fun dedicating previous Octobers' to contribute to the tools that I rely on the most and I'm looking forwards the upcoming Hacktoberfest!

Oh and by the way, really love the previous year t-shirts, I make sure to sport them regularly!

dephraiim profile image
Ephraim Atta-Duncan

It will be fun to and besides, why wouldn't you want to participate.

sumyak profile image

i am ,this is my first one really excited!

iam_timsmith profile image
Tim Smith

I'm interested in participating, though I'm unsure how it works. Could someone explain to me how I participate in Hacktoberfest?

amrutaranade profile image
iam_timsmith profile image
cprlgeek profile image
Computer Geek

I am too. This is going to be my first time contribution to Open Source. Excited!!!

cfanoulis profile image
Charalampos Fanoulis

Just signed up! This year's design is awesome, can't wait to see it on a t-shirt!

also stickerss

piyushxbajaj profile image
arhaan profile image
Arhaan Ahmad

First timer. Very excited.

dmahely profile image
Doaa Mahely

🙋‍♀️ hopefully for the first time

akaash11 profile image
Akaash Trivedi

Its my first one. Super excited!!

saswatamcode profile image
Saswata Mukherjee

Me! Second one this time!

hwolfe71 profile image
Herb Wolfe

I am, second year for me. Primarily looking for C or maybe Java projects to contribute to.

akhilarjun profile image
Akhil Arjun

I Am! ✌😎 This is my first one.
I would love to contribute something in JS, CSS or UX space :)

palash_26 profile image
Milagro !!

I am participating in hacktoberfest second time. Looking forward to make the best contribution 💻😎

anirudhrowjee profile image
Anirudh Rowjee

Hacktoberfest 2020 will be my first Hacktoberfest (and most definitely not the last)!

ngrosso profile image
Nicolás Grosso

Already nailed the 2018 and 2019, now i'm more hyped than ever wanting to dedicate this month to open source projects and hold a bit my own projects as a vacation haha

rohankumawat profile image
Rohan Kumawat

First time as a contributor😄

willwallaceii profile image
William Wallace

This will be my first Hacktoberfest. I've wanted to do it before, but never had time.

mattmattv profile image
Matthieu Vion

This will be my 4th Hacktoberfest ! I hope to be able to contribute to Mattermost, to some Rust projects to level up in this language and I'll try to find some frontend and some continuous integration pipelines !

If you see have some "good first issues", don't hesitate to reference it under my comment ! I will be very happy to try to fix them 😊

nicoleobom profile image
Nicole O'Bomsawin

Me me me! So excited! My first hackathon!!

thomasledoux1 profile image
Thomas Ledoux

Me. It's going to be my first one, excited!

akhilpokle profile image

First time contributing for hacktober fest !!Excited :)

aju21 profile image
Ajinkya Ghadigaonkar

My first hacktoberfest, looking forward to contribute

hinasoftwareengineer profile image

This is my first year!! I am looking to contribute in Javascript projects and in react and node projects 😃

amrutaranade profile image
Amruta Ranade

That's awesome! You might find this interesting:

bbborisk profile image

This will be my second one. Last year was amazing!

andrewdesilvasl profile image
Andrew De Silva

This is my first time participating to Hacktoberfest 😋

themafro profile image
Matthew Francis

I am. Third year straight, gonna try and combine it with some college projects.

peiche profile image

Third year doing it here!

albionahoti profile image

Hey Everyone, this is my first Hacktoberfest 2020 😊 Other than that, it's the first time joining the Hacktoberfest for the company where I am working 🙌 -> Webiny. The Easiest Way To Adopt Serverless 🙌 is a Serverless Framework ⚡️ We are open-source and would love to see new contributors join our community ( and start building your serverless applications this month 🧡

Are you a developer, designer, or a tech writer? Join us on this journey for a month, and get the Hacktoberfest t-shirt plus additional Webiny Swag Pack 🙌🙌

You can find out more about what Webiny offers in terms of Serverless ready-made apps ->

Check out our repository on GitHub here:

Last but not least, read through the Webiny Hacktoberfest 2020 blog to get more information 🚀🚀

justlinux profile image
John Hayes

I am, my first one. I am wanting to give back to the open source that I have been using for many years now.

ashishcas profile image

Looking forward

pika1998 profile image
Prafulla Raichurkar

This is my second time participating, the first time I had no projects of my own, this time I have many projects which others can contribute to aswell😁


tahanima profile image
Tahanima Chowdhury

Hello everyone!
This is my first Hacktoberfest and out of sheer excitement, I've already raised 4 pull requests out of which 2 got merged already.

I am Tahanima, currently working as a QA Engineer @ Therap (BD) Ltd. I have started my Open Source contribution journey from this year through GirlScript Summer of Code. And I find it very satisfying and enjoyable to contribute to Open Source.

Good wishes to everyone!

kewbish profile image
Emilie Ma

Definitely me - going to be my second one ✨

m_nevin profile image
Marc Nevin

My second Hacktoberfest!

Looking to try and learn something new this year and go for a PR outside my comfort zone!

jai_dewani profile image
Jai dewani

My third Hacktoberfest so excited to contribute

devmount profile image

I'm in - my first Hacktoberfest! I'll maintain as well as contribute to some Vue.js projects 😎