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Hacktoberfest 2020 — Who's looking for contributors?

Update 10/2/20: If you’d like your project to be eligible for Hacktoberfest contributions, you must classify it as a Hacktoberfest Project.

Hacktoberfest 2020 is coming up on October 1st!

Starting now through the end of Hacktoberfest, maintainers can drop links to/information on their projects in the comments below. The goal? To find helpful contributors seeking projects to improve in the name of Hacktoberfest!

Participants can use this thread as a reference for projects that are actively seeking contributions 🎉

P.S. Maintainers: Wondering how you can get your repos in tip-top shape for contributors? Take a look at this article.

P.P.S. If you'd like to find a way to lend your expertise to this year's group of open source newbies participating in Hacktoberfest,'s Hacktoberfest Helpdesk is the perfect opportunity! You can volunteer for paired programming and Q&A sessions via Twitch and more! A few of the DEV/Forem team will be helping out at this helpdesk — hope to see you there!

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amrutaranade profile image
Amruta Ranade • Edited on

Code newbies and new open source contributors -- help us build our repository of CockroachDB To-Do apps:

Docs enthusiasts -- help us improve our docs:

Go developers -- help us improve our code:

Detailed contributing guide:

dabjazz profile image

Thanks for sharing the resources. I would like to participate in this challenge and will start my journey of open-source. I have some experience with flutter and I am studying core java now. I will do everything I am capable of doing.

lexoskeleton profile image

Thanks for sharing your repo, Amruta! Just checking - is it okay for several folks to contribute to/open pull requests for each language-specific to-do issue, or are you accepting one PR per issue?

Thank you!

justobioma profile image
Obioma Osuagwu

I am excited to participate in the Cockroachdb challenge.
I hope to turn it in on time.
Thanks for the encouragement

katieraby profile image

Thank you for posting this! I'm delighted to have contributed to open source for the first time this evening. Thanks for the opportunity.

amrutaranade profile image
Amruta Ranade

Congratulations on your first contribution! Merged the PR!!

jayehernandez profile image
Jaye Hernandez • Edited on

Always on the look out for new contributors over at Letra! A beginner friendly repo perfect to start your first contribution to open source.

Tech Stack: Vue.js and Node.js

GitHub logo jayehernandez / letra-extension

Passively learn a new language every time you open a new tab


Hey there! This repository is currently on VACATION MODE 🏝

⚠️ Commenting and opening issues or PRs won't be allowed for a while. You can still fork the repo, leave a star, and use the extension. Just taking a break from maintaining this repo, back soon. For any urgent concerns, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter. Thank you!

Version Documentation Maintenance License: MIT Twitter: jayehernandez_

Passively learn a new language every time you open a new tab.

Letra - Passively learn a new language every time you open a new tab | Product Hunt Embed

Download Chrome Extension

Main Screenshot


  • New word everyday
  • Listen to the word in the chosen language
  • New inspirational quote about learning
  • Dark Interface

🌎 Supported Languages

  • 🇿🇦 Afrikaans
  • 🇸🇦 Arabic
  • 🇧🇩 Bangla
  • 🇧🇷 Brazilian Portuguese
  • 🇨🇳 Chinese (Simplified)
  • 🇹🇼 Chinese (Traditional)
  • 🇭🇷 Croatian
  • 🇳🇱 Dutch
  • 🇵🇭 Filipino
  • 🇫🇷 French
  • 🇩🇪 German
  • 🇬🇷 Greek
  • 🇮🇳 Hindi
  • 🇮🇹 Italian
  • 🇮🇩 Indonesian
  • 🇯🇵 Japanese
  • 🇰🇷 Korean
  • 🇵🇱 Polish
  • 🇷🇺 Russian
  • 🇪🇸 Spanish
  • 🇸🇪 Swedish
  • 🇮🇳 Tamil
  • 🇹🇭 Thai

vaibhavkhulbe profile image
Vaibhav Khulbe

💯% recommended for beginners 🔥

jayehernandez profile image
Jaye Hernandez

Thanks Vaibhav!! 🤩

rahil1304 profile image
Rahil Sarvaiya

This is my first shot at Hacktoberfest, looking forward to contribute here 🙌🏻

jayehernandez profile image
Jaye Hernandez

Will be waiting for your contribution! 🥳

Thread Thread
dennislwm profile image

Nice work. I was wondering if this extension could be customized for other text, such as quote of the day. Will it be difficult to modify the code or is the code modular?

Sorry, if this is off-topic. Rgds

Thread Thread
jayehernandez profile image
Jaye Hernandez

Sorry for the late reply, haven't been able to visit DEV in a while. Technically this is possible, code is quite modular! But for the quote of the day, since it's a language learning app, I'd like for the quotes to be solely related to that for now. :)

ayyelle profile image

This is so cool! Despite being a software developer for the last few years, this year would be my first year contributing to Hacktoberfest and your project looks so open-source beginner-friendly, I'm already looking at how to contribute!

jayehernandez profile image
Jaye Hernandez

Thank you for the kind words, Anna! Looking forward to your contribution this Hacktoberfest!

mviolet profile image
Maria Belan-Crawford

This is a great project!! Definitely beginner friendly. Thanks for posting it here!

jayehernandez profile image
Jaye Hernandez

Thank you for contributing as well! 😊

agustito37 profile image
Agustín • Edited on

Alo! If you are interested in React Native or not, you are more than welcome to contribute to this new project we are doing to manage Styles.

We have different kinds of issues to work on: code, docs, tests and more.

GitHub logo rootstrap / react-native-use-styles

A classy approach to manage your react native styles.

A classy approach.

Did you ever want to organize your styles properly? This library contains an easy to use API that lets you organize your styles in a classy way.


npm install react-native-use-styles --save


Using styles

import useStyles from './my-namespaced-styles';
const component = ()  {
  const s = useStyles();
  return (
    <Text styles={s`.global .namespaced`}>
      Hello World

Note that we are classy now, and nobody would deny it. Next we'll define our .global and .namespaced style to use them in our components as we are doing in this example.

Global styles


import { GlobalStyles } from 'react-native-use-styles';

  global: 'flex:1 fx:dir:row'

We are using aliases or shortcuts to define our styles. This is equivalent to do:

import { GlobalStyles } from
wangxiangustc profile image
WangXiangUSTC • Edited on

Hello everyone, welcome to participate in the Chaos Mesh® project. Chaos Mesh® is a cloud-native Chaos Engineering platform that orchestrates chaos on Kubernetes environments. In addition, Chaos Mesh® is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation sandbox project. You can visit for more details.

We prepare some issues for Hacktoberfest, include:

  • Code enhancement
  • Documents
  • Test cases

You can look at this Hacktoberfest issue list and choose one you are interested in to complete. If you have any questions, you can join Slack channel to discuss.

daviddalbusco profile image
David Dal Busco

DeckDeckGo is an open source editor for presentations.

If you can give us a hand, that would be awesome 💪.

I flagged some hacktoberfest features accessible for different levels, from Documentation to CSS, JavaScript, Stencil, Workbox or Markdown.

GitHub logo deckgo / deckdeckgo

The web open source editor for presentations

DeckDeckGo logo

DeckDeckGo - The open source web editor for presentations. 🚀

Create a PWA presentation using either our online editor or our developer kit with HTML or Markdown.

Cherry on the cake 🍒🎂 DeckDeckGo comes with a Progressive Web App to remote control your slides. 📱

Website Website GitHub release Chat on Slack Tweet

Table of contents

Getting Started

Start your new presentation using our 👉 online Editor 👈 or as a developer by following the quick Getting Started guide.


The developers' documentation is available online at


Are you interested to contribute to our open source project? That would be awesome 👍 Have a look to our contributing guide to get started.

Progressive Web Apps

Project Version Online Links Changelog
Remote control version README CHANGELOG
Documentation version README CHANGELOG
Demo version Repo CHANGELOG

Web Components

Project Package Version Links
brunvez profile image
Bruno Vezoli written in Ruby and always looking for new contributions/ideas 😉

derekcrosson profile image
Derek Crosson

Hey, Bruno! Can I just pick up an issue and make a PR or should I add a comment saying that I'm working on it? I wanna make a contribution this weekend.

brunvez profile image
Bruno Vezoli

Sure just comment that you’ll be working on it and if you need any help just ping me!

Thread Thread
derekcrosson profile image
Derek Crosson

Awesome! Thanks, Bruno :)

kaozdl profile image
Kalil de Lima • Edited on

At Django Drip Campaigns we are always looking for new contributors!

This package allows an easy filtering for sending automated email to your app users

vonage profile image
Vonage Developer Relations Team • Edited on

Vonage has you covered for Hacktoberfest!

We're super excited to be partnering for Hacktoberfest 2020 and we've been busy collecting and creating resources to make your experience a success ✨

⭐️Hacktoberfest Hub - including a list of suggested repos
⭐️Curated GitHub Issues
⭐️Help improve our Docs - no code necessary

ruskibenya profile image


mikaelapisani profile image

Hello, if you like machine learning and contribute to open source, here at Rootstrap we have a couple of projects with some registered issues.

Those projects are:

We hope you like them and start to work with them. Thanks!

andrewbrown profile image
Andrew Brown 🇨🇦

#100DaysOfCloud needs your help

Our community is about providing support and a personal network when learning cloud computing. We have multiple open-source projects that need volunteers.

The Challenge

  1. Read about the challenge and register at
  2. Join the Discord Channel
  3. Copy the 100DaysOfCloud/100DaysOfCloud Journey Template
  4. Use the Micro, Short or Long Day Journey Template and document your day-to-day progress.
  5. Update your main README to link back to your Day Journey article
  6. If you need ideas go to #100DaysOfCloudIdeas

How to use this template:

Fill in your details where you see this icon ✍️ We have provided a sample Day Journey entry staring at 0. You can delete this example.

[✍️ Your Name]'s Cloud Journey

[✍️ Introduce yourself]

[✍️ Tell us why you started this challenge]

[✍️ Tell us where you want to be at the end of the challenge]

Stepping out the door

  • ☁️ 1 > My First Day
  • ☁️ 2 &gt
  • ☁️ 3 &gt
  • ☁️ 4 &gt
  • ☁️ 5 &gt…

Join our Discord and message us in the #100-days-volunteers channel

reobin profile image
Robin Gagnon • Edited on

Anyone is welcome to contribute to 🎉

The work is mostly frontend, but there is stuff to do on the data fetching side of the project for more advanced users. I'm also looking for feedback and improvements to the documentation.

Frontend stack:

  • Gatsby (React)
  • JavaScript
  • Scss
  • MongoDB
  • Jest

Data is fetched and generated with the following techs:

  • Python
  • VimScript
  • MongoDB

There are already some issues that can be worked on right away, and I'm preparing more for October 1st.

GitHub logo reobin / vimcolorschemes

Find the best vim color schemes around

vimcolorschemes logo

Find the best vim color schemes around

visitors stars version license All contributors

Gatsby React JavaScript Scss Jest MongoDB

demo light theme demo dark theme

Welcome 🎉

vimcolorschemes is a small constellation of projects working on the common goal of building the ultimate resource for vim users to find the perfect color scheme for their development environment.

The focus here is always on the content. The simple design of the website makes the color schemes the focal point of every page. Speed and accessibility are also part of the core mission of vimcolorschemes.

Key features 🚀

  • Daily updated list of hundreds of vim color scheme repositories
  • Awesome vim (or arrows) key bindings to quickly navigate through the whole site

Get Involved

vimcolorschemes is aimed to be a collaborative project, and you are invited to help. All types of involvement are welcome!

Developers, check out the development guide to start writing code and contribute.


Bugs and feature requests are welcome. Make sure to follow the issue…

fennecdjay profile image
Jérémie Astor

Gonna check this repo 😄

frenchcooc profile image
Corentin • Edited on

Sharing Pizzly -

GitHub logo Bearer / Pizzly

The simplest, fastest way to integrate your app with an OAuth API 😋

What's the challenge during Hacktoberfest? We aim to reach 100 APIs readily available for Pizzly developers. Including new ones such as Soundcloud, Mailchimp, Pagerduty, Pipedrive, etc.

Why helping that project? Pizzly is an API Integration Manager. It helps developers use APIs at a faster path and in a much more reliable way. Consider Google Sheets API, it takes x10 fewer minutes with Pizzly than doing it on your own (source).

Where to start? 👉 Look at the issues opened specially for the event. Happy hacking!

sygmei profile image

Hello Hacktoberfestians :) !

I'm working on a 2D game engine using Lua for scripting !
The engine is still in alpha but there is already some games made with it :)
I've been working on it for more than 6 years and I'll keep working on it to provide the best and easiest 2D game engine ever to the gamedev community (that's my goal at least) !
There is a lot of issues flagged with Hacktoberfest you can help out with (see in the links).

What can I help with ?
🖌️ Helping with the Engine's Canvas system
🤖 Helping with the Android port of ÖbEngine
🕸️ Helping with the HTML5 port of ÖbEngine
🍎 Helping with the iOS port of ÖbEngine
🐧 Helping with creation of Linux packages
⚙️ Improving the CI/CD pipeline of ÖbEngine
🎨 Helping with designing the brand new UI for ÖbEngine (UI/UX)
🏓 Help with the Networking part of ÖbEngine
🎮 Create games with ÖbEngine and give your feedback
❓ Have another idea to help improve the engine ? Go ahead and talk about it with us on Discord or create an issue !

🌐 ÖbEngine Website :
💬 ÖbEngine Discord :
🌳 ÖbEngine's GitHub :
🎃 Hacktoberfest Issues :

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me on the ÖbEngine Discord server :)

mithil467 profile image
Mithil Poojary

Hello! 👋
I am Mithil.
And I present to you... Mitype!

GitHub logo Mithil467 / mitype

Typing speed test in terminal


Typing Speed Test in Terminal

Mitype is a program to test (and hence improve) your typing speed right from the ease of your terminal.

Written completely in python with no external dependencies!

Main Features

  • 🖥️ Cross-platform
  • 🎦 See your replay
  • 🐍 Supports Python 2 and 3
  • 📝 Choose custom text input
  • 🅰️ 6000 text samples
  • 🌈 Colored texts

🔧 Install

Mitype can be easily installed by:

pip install mitype

📈 Usage

Once installed, you can run it simply as:


You can also customize each run by specifying the following options as:

  • -f FILENAME, --file FILENAME Uses contents of file as sample text.
  • -d N, --difficulty N N can be in range [1, 5] with 1 being the easiest. This decides the length of the text.
  • -i ID, --id ID ID can be in range [1, 6000].

You can quit mitype anytime by pressing the ESC

I would really love to have your contributions to it!
It is really easy to work with, and just requires knowledge of python and no extra modules. All modules used are in-built. I have set up some issues that you can help me with! And I plan to add more if things go well :)

Do try it out and let me know feedback and new feature ideas! ✌️

ayyelle profile image

Your project seems very cool and I'm interested in contributing. I've never worked on a command line tool before, do you have any documentation or guides for how to set up your project locally for development purposes? Thanks! :D

mithil467 profile image
Mithil Poojary • Edited on

Hi Anna 👋
Thanks for your interest! The instructions you are looking for are given inside I realised that build document wasn't mentioned anywhere in the contribution guideline. I've added the link there as well now :)

Thread Thread
ayyelle profile image

Perfect, thank you!

yoursunny profile image
Junxiao Shi

Every Hacktoberfest, I go to and submit a few more type definitions.
Each takes me less than an hour, and greatly benefits the TypeScript development experience for rest of the year.

mohanarpit profile image
Arpit Mohan

We are looking for contributors at Appsmith.

Appsmith is the only open source low alternative to low-code builders like PowerApps, Salesforce Lightning Platform etc. It's the quickest way to build customizable admin panels & dashboards by connecting to custom APIs or databases.

Frontend Stack: JS/React

Backend Stack: Java

GitHub logo appsmithorg / appsmith

A low code way to build dashboards, workflows, forms, and any internal tool. logo


A low code way to build internal tools.

The only open source alternative to MSFT Power Apps, Salesforce Lightning platform, Service Now platform, Quickbase, Retool, Forest Admin, and many more.

GitHub release Website Chat on Discord Docs

Built with empathy, not just ❤︎

Appsmith is a fast, easy, and secure way to build any custom internal tools. Here's how you build something:

  1. Create a page using pre-built UI components like table, charts, map viewers and forms.
  2. Connect the UI components to any REST API or databases like MySQL, Postgres, and MongoDB. Write any logic in JS.
  3. Deploy the interal tool to a custom URL and invite users to sign in with their Google acounts.

Do all this without depending on multiple UI libraries, coding authentication logic or writing any DB or API integrations. See the looped gif below to see how something gets built on Appsmith. It might remind you of Visual Basic.

UI Builder Demo

Demo Video

In the lead up to Hacktoberfest, we are also running a bug bounty program "Above Beyond". Check out the the details 👇

l222p profile image

Any bugs on backend for newbies?

mohanarpit profile image
Arpit Mohan

Hey @l222p , thanks for your interest in Appsmith!

Yes, there's quite a few issues that new contributors can tackle on the backend as well. Can you give me a few days to file & tag them in the repository?

Thread Thread
l222p profile image


mateuszjarzyna profile image
Mateusz Jarzyna • Edited on

Appsmith lookS awesome! I will help you

eldadfux profile image
Eldad A. Fux

All level devs are more than welcome to contribute to Appwrite ( You can help us with both backend, ops, and client stuff.

We could also use help with creating demo, tutorials and integrations for different frameworks and platforms like: React JS, Angular, Vue, Svetle and Flutter.

We also need some help with Docker image optimisation and conversion of images to Alpine as base image.

We give cool swags to all contributors 🤩

brainless profile image
Sumit Datta

Hi Eldan, I have worked with Alpine to build Docker images before and I need it now for my own project too (link). So I can take that work of conversion. I am going to look around your product to get an idea beforehand.

thomasbnt profile image
Thomas Bnt

I'm readyyy 🙌🏼

I search contributors for the Awesome Web Monetization repository. I you already know what is the Web Monetization, this is great ! Add your tool(s), nice project(s), post(s) and tutorial(s). Feel free to contribute 😄

For users who not know what is that, you have this website for a demonstration 😊

GitHub logo thomasbnt / awesome-web-monetization

🕶️ Stuffs about Web Monetization. Packages, articles, documentation links and others tools.

saif_shines profile image
Saif Shines

We have some of the code samples for the developer community who refer to on regular basis. So we picked up small tasks like refactoring and reorganising sample app codes for especially for beginners to make quick Pull requests.

Find Freshworks Samples App repository and dive into issues.

If you prefer a bit more challenging tasks, look out for tags those don't have good first issue tag. We are hoping to help at least 100 developers make PRs to be one among first 10 PRs in their career this Hacktoberfest 2020.

GitHub logo freshworks / marketplace-sample-apps

Collection of Freshworks sample apps demonstrating various platform features (App Lifecycle events, Data APIs, Event APIs, Interface APIs, Data storage, OAuth, Serverless, and much more).

Freshworks Sample Apps

Sample Apps in this repository demonstrate features of our developer platform. Any app that you build will be run as part of the in-product experience. Join us in crafting those experiences.

The App development for any Freshworks product follows a common pattern. Which implies once an app built for one product will be similar to another with very few changes required.

Explore Tutorials

Setting up environment

  1. Install NVM
    • Instructions for Mac
    • For Windows
      • Download
      • Extract the installer from listed under Assets.
  2. Install Node 10.18.1
  3. Install command line tool - FDK

Overall references

Products App SDK API Description
Freshdesk Documentation Reference Customer Support Software
Freshservice Documentation Reference IT service management software
Freshchat App Quickstart Web SDK Customer messaging software
Freshsales Documentation Reference Sales CRM software
Freshcaller Documentation Reference Call center software
Freshteam Documentation Reference Smart HR software

✍️ Resources

uzair004 profile image
Muhammad Uzair

I would say i don't get it, what is this all about. But i will look into this later 🙌

saif_shines profile image
Saif Shines

That's very fair impression Uzair. So I though, to write my first blog on elaborating an answer to it.

botanical profile image
Jennifer Tran

COVID Can I Do It is an evidence-based online tool to help people better understand their risk of COVID-19 doing daily activities while social distancing.

✨ We are actively looking for contributors of all levels! ✨

Frontend: VueJS with Vuex, Vuetify for UI
Database: Google Firebase Realtime Database

If you want to find out more about the project, please check out our README and

All open issues are up for grabs and we've also marked some issues with the Hacktoberfest label!

Happy hacking! 💻 🎃

eddiejaoude profile image
Eddie Jaoude

Our community has many welcoming and inclusive projects with people willing to help and pair with you, from frontend to backend bots to GitHub Actions!

We have access to GitHub Beta features to play with too in our organisation, which you can also join for practice and help your profile stand out.

We do live streams on YouTube too, to help people with open source, come and say "hi" :)

markewaite profile image
Mark Waite

The Jenkins project would love to have Hacktoberfest contributions. Choose an area that interests you and start contributing.

If you're not sure what interests you most, consider:

dsaw profile image
Devesh Sawant • Edited on

If you are interested in learning about React and contibuting to displaying a map faster, you can check out WeatherMan React. Site can be checked out on ghpages.
New contributors are welcome!
Look at the issues here

adrianrios25 profile image
Adrian PHilip Rios

hello, this is my first time to participate, I will try to work on your repo.
Is hacktoberfest label a requirement for my pull request to be valid for this event?

imagekitio profile image

Hello 👋

Hacktoberfest 2020 has started, and the ImageKit team is excited to have you contribute to our projects. Register at the Hacktoberfest site, so you can get your t-shirt!

We offer a forever free plan for the community, and 20000+ developers use to resize and optimize images in real-time.

What to Work On?

We have prepared a list of beginner-friendly issues to work on so you can get your feet wet in contributing to open-source projects. There are several repositories in different programming languages that you can contribute to:

Client-side SDKs

Server-side SDKs

Get started

  • Find an issue labeled with hacktoberfest or good first issue to work on. If you find one that looks interesting and no one else is already working on it, comment on the issue that you are going to work on it.
  • Start hacking!
  • Create a pull request 🎉

What you can expect from us

  • Maintainers will be reviewing PRs, with the aim of including as many as possible in our releases and documentation.
  • If you have any questions, please create an issue in the relevant repository. We are happy to help.

Things that are ALWAYS welcome

  • Adding test cases
  • Improving documentation
  • Improving error handling and error messages
  • Improved logging (i.e., more clear, more beautiful)
  • Performance or security improvements
  • Educational content like blogs, videos, courses

If there's some other way you'd like to contribute, start a discussion by creating an issue in the relevant repository.


Good luck and happy Hacktoberfest!

adriennetacke profile image
Adrienne Tacke

👋 Hi Hacktoberfest Fans! Adrienne from MongoDB here :)

MongoDB is joining in on the fun and has several ways you can get involved! Check it out:

⚡ Contribute to one of our repos:

We are focusing our efforts around O-FISH, the open source mobile application that helps WildAid patrol for illegal fishing and keep our oceans pristine.

Check out the 4 repositories you can contribute to:

GitHub logo WildAid / o-fish-web

Web application for the Officer's Fishery Information Sharing Hub (O-FISH). The web app allows agencies to gain insights from the aggregated information gathered during a routine vessel inspection (submitted via the web app).

GitHub logo WildAid / o-fish-realm

Realm application code and sample data for the Officer's Fishery Information Sharing Hub (O-FISH). The mobile app allows fisheries officers to document and share critical information gathered during a routine vessel inspection. The web app allows agencies to gain insights from the aggregated information.

GitHub logo WildAid / o-fish-android

Android app for the Officer's Fishery Information Sharing Hub (O-FISH). The mobile app allows fisheries officers to document and share critical information gathered during a routine vessel inspection.

GitHub logo WildAid / o-fish-ios

iOS app for the Officer's Fishery Information Sharing Hub (O-FISH). The mobile app allows fisheries officers to document and share critical information gathered during a routine vessel inspection.

⚡ Recommend an open source project (or one of your own!):

We will also be featuring other community open source projects that utilize MongoDB Solutions including mongod, Atlas, and Realm to help members of the community find the right opportunity to contribute and earn their shirt! If YOU have an open source project that you'd like others to contribute to that uses MongoDB in some way, comment on this post!

⚡ Earn limited edition MongoDB Community Forum badges:

We will also be awarding forum badges to community members who complete Hacktoberfest and a special “O-FISH Contributor” badge to any community member who helps improve #o-fish by submitting a pull request with improvements, bug fixes, or documentation enhancements.

⚡ Join our virtual kickoff event:

We're starting the party with a virtual kickoff event on October 6th! Join us to get more info on all things Hacktoberfest and MongoDB.

⚡ Keep an eye out for Hacktoberfest Twitch streams:

Throughout the month of October, we'll have dedicated Hacktoberfest streams! This is a great way to ask us questions directly, learn about how to contribute, and to see the cool things your peers are building! Follow us on Twitch so you don't miss any of the action!

Check out the full details on MongoDB + Hacktoberfest in our $weeklyUpdate!

kantord profile image
Daniel Kantor

LibreLingo 🐢🌍📚️, is looking for contributors!

GitHub logo kantord / LibreLingo

🐢 🌎 📚 an experiment to create a community driven language-learning platform

Build status This project is using for visual regression testing. BCH compliance David


an experiment to create a community-driven language-learning platform

Start learning!Chat with us!Become a contributor!Why I built LibreLingo

Project goal

My goal is to start a community-driven language-learning platform that gives it's users and contributors a way to influence its future and adapt it to special requirements.

To achieve that, I release all source code under the AGPLv3 free software license, which guarantees end users the freedom to run, study, share, and modify the software.

In addition to licensing the software under a free software license, the course content will be decoupled from the software itself, and the development of AGPLv3 or public domain course content will be encouraged. This should allow course developers to retain the freedom to choose how they use their work.

Once course content is properly decoupled from the software, it should be possible to experiment with alternative ways of…

torstendittmann profile image
Torsten Dittmann

I have 2 projects which I am preparing for the Hacktoberfest.

Both repositories offer tasks from simple (translations, UI, HTML templates, ...) to more complex (text analysis, data processing, ...).

I will be available for any questions throughout the Hacktoktoberfest and will be happy to help you with any problems you might have.


  • Javascript
  • SCSS
  • Svelte
  • EJS
  • Electron
  • Capacitor

GitHub logo TorstenDittmann / OmniaWrite

A text editor engineered for creative writing.


All Contributors




A text editor engineered for creative writing.
Visit homepage »

View WebApp · Report Bug · Request Feature

Table of Contents

About OmniaWrite

OmniaWrite is a next-generation plain text editor engineered for creative writing. It is perfect for writing novels, lyrics, poems, essays, drafts and screenplays.

Writing a good story is one of the most challenging things in life. But for many it is a dream worth pursuing.

OmniaWrite doesn't help you create a novel out of nothing, but is a faithful companion at every step of your projects. Organisation, environment for concentrated work, export to all common file formats and much more.

Full Featured Text Editor

Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

Chapters and Scenes

Write in chapters and scenes to give your text more structure and add manageability. You can move and rearrange scenes at will without having to…

GitHub logo TorstenDittmann / omnia-ebook-generator

Node.js ebook generator using Embedded JavaScript templating.

All Contributors


Node.js ebook generator using Embedded JavaScript templating.

This library is built with ❤︎ and used by OmniaWrite and contributors

Table of Contents


  • easy to use: simple to generator
  • clean output: every template meets the EPUB requirements
  • templates: template system powered by EJS
  • small api: with only 3 methods and a single constructor there's not much to learn


npm i omnia-ebook-generator
# or
yarn add omnia-ebook-generator

How to use

const EBook = require("omnia-ebook-generator");
const ebook = new EBook({
      title: "Title of the book", // Title
      description: "Description of the book.", // Description
      publisher: "Publisher", // Publisher
      author: "H.P. Lovecraft", // Author
      lang: "en" //2-char language code
      cover: {
        extension: "png", // File extension
        type: "image/png", // Media type
        data: "iVBORw....." //
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Ronaldo Hoch

Of course i'll help!

patilshreyas profile image
Shreyas Patil • Edited on

If you're Android Developer then can work on following issues:

rhishikesh profile image

Feel free to contribute to LibreAV

LibreAV is a Free And Open-Source Anti-Malware For Android Using Machine Learning

GitHub logo projectmatris / antimalwareapp

Anti-malware for Android using machine learning

License Info Play Store Info F-Droid Build Status

LibreAV Banner v1.0

A free and open source anti-malware for android using machine learning.

Get it on Google Play


LibreAV is an attempt to detect malwares on android devices by utilizing machine learning approach.


  • Real time scanning
  • On device inference
  • Lightweight
  • 100% free and no ads

How it works?

LibreAV uses permissions and intent-filters to detect malicious apps. While scanning, it loads the machine learning model and extracts permissions and intents from the installed applications on the user's device. These extracted features are then fed to the machine learning model in the form of a vector. The machine learning model returns a prediction score between 0 and 1 that denote the degree of maliciousness of the scanned application. We use this score to classify the scanned app into one of the following categories:

  1. Goodware: The prediction score is less than 0.5
  2. Risky: Prediction score between 0.5 and 0.75
  3. Malware: Prediction score is greater than 0.75
  4. Unknown…
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Gabe Kangas

Hey all! We're building an open source, self-hosted alternative to the centralized live video streaming providers. We would love for you to come say hi, and see if there's anything that jives with your interests.

Are you a live streamer? Would you like to work on, or are curious about video+chat projects? Owncast is something extremely relevant in today's lockdown & stream culture. We're building something that people can use to pull themselves away from the social media gatekeepers, so they can control their live streaming content themselves.

GitHub logo owncast / owncast

Take control over your live stream video by running it yourself. Streaming + chat out of the box.


Take control over your content and stream it yourself
Explore the docs »

View Demo · FAQ Report Bug

Table of Contents

About The Project

In 2020 the world changed when everyone become stuck in their homes, looking for creative outlets to share their art, skills and themselves from inside their bedroom.

This created an explosion of live streaming on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram, and Twitch. These services provided everything they needed, an easy way to live stream to the world, and a chat for users to be a part of their community.

But in a world where many were previously finding ways to rely on the big internet service companies less, the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic made everyone run right back…

Our tech stack:

  • Golang backend
  • Preact frontend
  • HLS video

Some features we're starting on just now:

Our docs are available at

We pride ourselves on being super easy to get up and running, so if you want to help out on any features or fixes you can do it without a lot of hassle.

Example server is up at Hope to meet some of you soon!

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Juanjo Aguililla (

Hi! for those of you who are looking for a Kotlin project to help in the next Hacktoberfest, I'm sharing with you the tasks you can pick in the Hexagon Toolkit project (you can find more information about the project on the Web page, GitHub organization and the main repository).

If you find the project interesting, you can check the tasks labeled with hacktoberfest in the following boards:

  • Toolkit board: for features and improvements on any toolkit module (like the HTTP server or Template processors).
  • Organization board: for side tasks as the Benchmark and examples.

Once you have found an appealing task, you can read the Contributing Guide with all the details on how to proceed to start working on it. If you would like to take a task, and you find the information incomplete, do not hesitate to contact me for any detail you want or need.

Thanks... And happy coding!!!

GitHub logo hexagonkt / hexagon

Hexagon is a microservices toolkit written in Kotlin. Its purpose is to ease the building of services (Web applications, APIs or queue consumers) that run inside a cloud platform.


The atoms of your platform

GitHub Actions Coverage Maven Central Repository

Home Site | Quick Start | Developer Guide

What is Hexagon

Hexagon is a microservices' toolkit (not a framework) written in Kotlin. Its purpose is to ease the building of server applications (Web applications, APIs or queue consumers) that run inside a cloud platform.

The Hexagon Toolkit provides several libraries to build server applications. These libraries provide single standalone features and are referred to as "Ports".

The main ports are:

  • The HTTP server: supports HTTPS, HTTP/2, mutual TLS, static files (serve and upload), forms processing, cookies, sessions, CORS and more.
  • The HTTP client: which supports mutual TLS, HTTP/2 and cookies among other things.

Each of these features or ports may have different implementations called "Adapters".

Hexagon is designed to fit in applications that conform to the Hexagonal Architecture (also called Clean Architecture or Ports and Adapters Architecture)…

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Prafulla Raichurkar

Hello DEVs👩‍💻👨‍💻, Feel free to contribute to some of my open-source projects this Hacktoberfest☃️✨

Express AutoDocs

Purely javascript-based GitHub action which scans and generates documentations from express APIs

GitHub logo Pika1998 / express-autodocs

A GitHub action which automatically generates documentation for your express APIs.


💡 Introduction

This action automatically scans for express APIs in your codebase and generates a documentation website

How to add to your workflow

To add this action to your workflow simply modify your workflows main.yml file.

# This is a basic workflow to help you get started with Express AutoDocs Action
name: Express AutoDocs.
# This specifies when the action should occur
    branches: [master]

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    name: Generating Docs
      # this step checks out the master branch of your repo using checkout action.
      - name: Checks out the repository
        id: checksout-repository
        uses: actions/checkout@v2
          repository: ""
      # this step generates the docs
      - name: Generating Docs.
        id: reading-file
        uses: Pika1998/express-autodocs@v0.0.1
      # Use the output from the `hello` step
      - name: Get the output time

React Native Wifi & Hotspot Wizard

A react native library to integrate Wifi & Hotspot related functionalities in your apps easily.
Would love to have some iOS & Android based contributions here

GitHub logo Pika1998 / react-native-wifi-and-hotspot-wizard

Configure essential Wifi and Hotspot Settings Easily

Cover of React Native Wifi And Hotspot Wizard

Contributions Slack android ios npm Downloads


⚙️ Configure both Wifi and Hotspot settings using a single library.

This library also automatically deals with run-time permission management.

Getting Started

Install The Library Using NPM

npm install react-native-wifi-and-hotspot-wizard

Link The Library

react-native link react-native-wifi-and-hotspot-wizard


import {WifiWizard, HotspotWizard} from 'react-native-wifi-and-hotspot-wizard';
// example 
WifiWizard.turnOnWifi(); // turns on wifi
HotspotWizard.turnOffhotspot(); // turns off hotspot

Refer Official Documentation for detailed usage of all the methods :-

📱 Test Library

To checkout this library before using it you can install WifiAndHotspotWizardDemo.apk

You can also find the code for Example Application over Here


You can find all the changes made to this library in


Feel free to contribute to this library, any small addition to this is very much appreciated and welcomed :)

Checkout the CONTRIBUTION Guidelines to get started.

You can start…

Check out my GitHub Profile to view other projects you can contribute to

rahil1304 profile image
Rahil Sarvaiya

Hey, I'm interested in contributing to express-autodocs repository. Any particular bugs or issues that I can target?

pika1998 profile image
Prafulla Raichurkar

Hey, thanks for showing your interest 😄, I will create labels in the issues section, you can pick any one and start working on it, just let me know in the comments.

Thread Thread
rahil1304 profile image
Rahil Sarvaiya

Yeah sure, will check them out.

lorikarikari profile image
Lori Karikari

Blitz.js is a framework for building fullstack React apps and we are participating in Hacktoberfest! We are currently preparing and looking forward to welcoming new contributors to our community. We have several repositories that you can contribute to:

Join our Slack to meet the community.

dnnrly profile image
Pascal Dennerly

Hey all, I have a tiny handful of projects that take contributions very gladly:

They are all Go CLI tools and packages that are small enough to fit in your head and add something to in an evening.

Beginners very much welcome, positively encouraged even.

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Bobby Iliev

Tails is a (no-config) copy'n paste library of templates and components hand-crafted using TailwindCSS.

Feel free to contribute on GitHub 💚

GitHub logo thedevdojo / tails

Tails is a (no-config) copy'n paste library of templates and components crafted using TailwindCSS

💡 Introduction

Tails is a (no-config) copy'n paste library of hand-crafted templates and components built in TailwindCSS.

ℹ️ Note

Starting the 13th October. Tails will be restricting contributions for a week, to handle the backlog off pull requests.

🔗 Links


It's pretty simple to use any of these components or templates in your project. Any component you wish to use can be copied and pasted into your own project. Visit the Components page to view the components and view the source code. Additionally, you can view the Templates and simply copy and paste these templates into your own project.

🤲 Contributing

🍿  Watch the quick 5 minute video below where you'll learn how to add a component to this repo.

If you are contributing, please read the contributing file before submitting your pull requests.

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Micah Lindley

Anyone with experience in stylesheets, we're looking to transition from standard CSS to LESS for our Cordova mobile app as well as add some other functionality; feel free to check out the issues:

GitHub logo Scratch-Client-4 / itchy-cordova

📱 Cordova-based mobile client for Scratch


A mobile client (app) for Scratch built with Apache Cordova

Join the chat at GitHub issues GitHub pull requests GitHub All Releases GitHub release (latest by date)

A screenshot of Itchy



First, clone the repository:

git clone

Then go into it and install all dependencies:

cd itchy-cordova
npm install

You should see two version numbers appear. Then run the build script:

npm run-script build

It'll build you the runnable source files (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) in a directory called www. After that you can build the project into an Android package (APK) file:

cordova platform add android
cordova build android --minSdkVersion=22

The last few lines of the output of that command will tell you where the…

dawntraoz profile image
Alba Silvente 💃🏼

Hi Micah, I could help with it, I have experience migrating from CSS to other preprocessors and refactoring HTML, but first I want to ask you some questions about it :)

There is a place where I can connect with you? I just follow you here, if you can follow me back we can talk by DM 💜 Thanks in advance!

micahlt profile image
Micah Lindley

Sounds good! Also, GitHub is good.

yallen011 profile image
Yvonne Allen has both front-end and backend SDKs, CLIs, and example projects for contributors(first timers to advanced) of all levels to contribute. We are in the process of labeling our issues now for Hacktoberfest so check us out come October :)

pauliescanlon profile image
Paul Scanlon • Edited on

GitHub logo PaulieScanlon / mdx-embed

Embed 3rd party media content in MDX - no import required 🧽

MDX Embed logo

github-stars npm circle-ci build codecov

MDX Embed

MDX Embed allows you to easily embed popular 3rd party media content such as YouTube videos, Tweets, Instagram posts and many more straight into your .mdx - no import required!

🚀 Getting started

There are a number of way to use mdx-embed. Head over to the docs site for more information on the current packages:

📦 npm packages

🕺 Core Team

If you're using mdx-embed in your project we'd love to hear from you!

❤️ Contributors

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far!

Hey all, I have a little MDX related project called MDX Embed, repo here: mdx-embed

We're actively seeking contributors to help with React Unit tests and Cypress integration tests:

If you're interested in contributing we've created an Umbrella Issue on the repo which should contain everything you need to get started...

...and for everything else, feel free to find me on twitter @pauliescanlon

Testing Umbrella Issue - Hacktoberfest #71

⛱️ Testing Umbrella Issue - Hacktoberfest

The time is right. We're now on to the last leg of the migration and something i never got round to in the old repo was adding a test suite.


Tasks for us to complete before others can get involved are:

🚀 Getting Started

If you're interested in helping out with tests and taking part in Hacktoberfest please comment below and let us know if it's the unit or integration test you'd like to tackle.

We'll then assign your username/name to the issue and add you next to the component in the list below to try and avoid duplication.

🤝 Contributing

Before you start have a read of:

(TODO) video for how to get started.

🎁 As a thank you

We know it's not much but if you would like to contribute and your PR is successfully merged we'll send you out a super cool limited edition MDX Embed sticker. If you're comfortable sharing your address you can email me

🧪 The two tests

There's two different types of tests we'd like contributors to focus on, they are at the moment fairly simple tests. There is every chance contributors with more expertise in testing will advise on what should or shouldn't be tested.

I'm open to suggestions but at the very least each component will have the below which will get us to a stable 1.0.0 release

  • Unit test (Testing Library / React)
  • Integration test (Cypress)


There's an issue for each component and named appropriately: e.g: Please check the issues in GitHub to see which tests are currently open or in progress

  • codepen-unit-test
  • codepen-integration-test

Each issue will be assigned the "Hacktoberfest" and perhaps the "good first issue" label?

# Acceptance Criteria

Unit Test

Unit tests are co-located e.g: packages/mdx-embed/src/components/codepen.test.tsx ... and here's a brief explanation of how we're writing unit tests

  • It will have a data-testid that is the name of the component e.g: data-testid="codepen" - observe directory name for clues on what the data-testid should be
  • It will have a data-testid attribute on the top level DOM node or iframe
  • it will have at least one test for it renders the component
  • It will have the correct file extension for the test file: e.g .test.tsx

Integration Test

Integration tests are located at cypress/integration/codepen.spec.js ... and here's a brief explanation about how we're currently writing integration tests

  • it will have at least one test which asserts if embed providers specific DOM are not undefined
  • It will have the correct file extension for the test file: e.g .spec.js

Unit Test Assignment List 👩‍💻👨‍💻

  • [ ] Airtable
  • [ ] Buzzprout
  • [ ] Cinnamon
  • [x] CodePen - @pauliescanlon
  • [ ] CodeSandbox
  • [ ] Egghead
  • [ ] Flickr
  • [x] Gist - @remiroyc
  • [x] GeneralObserver - @pauliescanlon
  • [ ] Instagram
  • [ ] Lbry
  • [x] MDXEmbedProvider - @pauliescanlon
  • [ ] Pinterest
  • [ ] Simplecast
  • [ ] SoundCloud
  • [x] Spotify - @remiroyc
  • [ ] Strava
  • [ ] TikTok
  • [ ] Twitch
  • [ ] Twitter
  • [ ] Vimeo
  • [x] Wikipedia - @remiroyc
  • [x] YouTube - @remiroyc

Integration Test Assignment List 👩‍💻👨‍💻

  • [ ] Airtable
  • [ ] Buzzprout
  • [ ] Cinnamon
  • [x] CodePen - @pauliescanlon
  • [ ] CodeSandbox
  • [ ] Egghead
  • [ ] Flickr
  • [ ] Gist
  • [ ] Instagram
  • [ ] Lbry
  • [ ] Pinterest
  • [ ] Simplecast
  • [ ] SoundCloud
  • [ ] Spotify
  • [ ] Strava
  • [ ] TikTok
  • [ ] Twitch
  • [ ] Twitter
  • [ ] Vimeo
  • [ ] Wikipedia
  • [ ] YouTube
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Sara Miteva

Hi everyone :) We invite you to participate in Microtica’s Hacktoberfest project. Microtica is a DevOps automation platform that covers the entire software delivery process, from setting up a cloud infrastructure to delivering apps and services to the cloud using Kubernetes.

For Hacktoberfest, we need contributions for:

  • Open-source components that developers will use to set up their infrastructure. These components are part of our package that allows developers to use them, forever free.

We’ve created a Slack channel where we can answer questions and discuss anything you find unclear.

To find out more about how the product works, read our documentation. By contributing to this project you help developers around the world to quickly start building their solutions in the cloud.

You can also find out more about how to contribute in our recent post:

We’re looking forward to your contributions!

gueroverde profile image
Miguel Ángel Sánchez Palafox • Edited on

PHPMX Necesita tu ayuda!!

Nuestra comunidad se trata de pasar un buen rato :) también hablamos de temas random, pero lo que nos ha unido en esta comunidad es el soporte con problemas en PHP y guiar a las personas a seguir buenas prácticas dentro del ecosistema PHP, esto no significa que no veamos otros lenguajes, nuestra comunidad se trata de convertirse en un mejor desarrollador.

Actualmente estamos mejorando nuestro sitio web y necesitamos tu ayuda.

Únete a nuestra slack y envíenos un mensaje en el canal #comunidad

sujaykundu777 profile image
Sujay Kundu • Edited on

If you are interested in Static Sites and Jekyll - Checkout my Project Devlopr ( A Jekyll Theme Built For Developers ) ( Open for Contributions for Hacktoberfest ) #Hacktoberfest #github #opensource #jekyll

GitHub logo sujaykundu777 / devlopr-jekyll

Build and Deploy your Static Site 🚀 using this beautiful Jekyll Theme built for Developers

devlopr-jekyll - A Beautiful Jekyll Theme Built for Developers

Gem Versionworkflow-badge Netlify Status MIT license

Just a little something I'm using to jump start a site refresh. I like to think of it as a starter for building your own Jekyll site. I purposely keep the styling minimal and bare to make it easier to add your own flare and markup. (Under Active Development) !

Highly Customizable and No Hosting or Maintainence Cost is required !

Installation Guide

devlopr jekyll

devlopr uses Markdown Files to generate data like Blog Posts, Gallery, Shop Products etc. No external database is required.

Deploy your devlopr-jekyll blog - One Click Deploy

Deploy with ZEIT Now Deploy with Netlify Deploy

Demo (Hosted Apps)

  • Github Pages Demo - here
  • Firebase Demo - here
  • Netlify Demo - here
  • Zeit Now Demo - here
  • Heroku Demo - here
  • AWS Amplify Demo - here

Features :

timmybytes profile image
Timothy Merritt • Edited on