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When Are Layoffs Good?

What are the circumstances under which layoffs can lead to positive outcomes for both employees and employers?

How can you turn the challenge of a layoff into an opportunity for personal growth?

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Jeronimo Pizarro

I was fired in January due layoffs. I worked for almost five years in a global marketing agency.
In my experience layoffs are deeply unfair and it comes with a lot of consecuenses if you aren't prepared for it.

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No. Never. Layoffs are always bad.

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Layoffs are generally a difficult situation for both employers and employees. There's no scenario where they are truly "good," but there can be some positive outcomes:

  • For the company: Layoffs can help streamline operations and improve efficiency by eliminating redundancies. This can be necessary for the company's survival during an economic downturn or to fund new initiatives.
  • For the employee: A layoff can be an impetus for personal growth. Severance packages can provide financial security during a job search, and outplacement services can offer career counseling and skill development.

If you are facing a layoff, here's how to view it as an opportunity:

  • Focus on the future: Update your resume and practice interviewing skills. Consider taking some courses or certifications to enhance your qualifications.
  • Seek outplacement services: Many companies provide outplacement services to help laid-off employees find new jobs. These services can provide valuable support during your job search.
  • Network: Let your contacts know you are looking for a new job. Your network can be a great source of leads and job opportunities.
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You're asking as if the power shared between company and employee is the same when it's not. It's not a relationship that's mutual in any way, so to expect there to be positives for both parties is wrong. Layoffs are a failure on the companies part where the punishment always falls on the people who deserve it the least. Breaking that level of trust or security in employees is psychologically damaging and if someone somehow is able to break free from that and see personal benefits then good on them, but no company should pride themselves on an ex-employees growth after they let them go. It's not related

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Some years ago, I was working in a company where I was not really happy. I was not really motivated with the kind of projects I was working with, and also there was a misaligment between the technologies I was told to work with and the ones I finally had to use. This lack of motivation affected my productivity, and despite of the situation, I was not looking for new opportunities actively.

Some time later, because of the pandemic, the company decided to perform some layoffs, and I was included in the list of employees being fired was me.

At that moment I was terrified, and actually was the worst timing: just a couple of days ago I signed for a mortgage. However, although it was a very difficult time, I had to move out from the comfort zone, improve my current knowledge at that time, and get another job more aligned with my expectations.

At the end, I think that layoff was the best thing both for the company and for me. They let go a not motivated employee, and I got the opoortunity to become a better professional.

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Erik Giovani

When they are not interested in working with others and do not listen to the feedback that others give them and do not treat their colleagues with kindness.