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What is Your Coding Anthem?

🎡🎧 What's your ultimate "coding anthem" or theme song that takes your productivity to new heights? Share the musical magic that gets you in the coding zone and let's create the ultimate developer playlist together! πŸŽΆπŸ’»

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Adrian Carter

Lofi Hip Hop or White Noise

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SeongKuk Han • Edited

I usually listen to any songs but when I really want to focus on work, I like to listen to melody that makes me calm down.

2 Hour Beautiful Piano Music for Studying and Sleeping 【BGM】 on Youtube.

siddharthshyniben profile image

Eminem: Mom's Spaghetti
Me: codes furiously

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Juan F Gonzalez

Palms are sweaty.

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Andy Delso

knees weak

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Sean Hanford

I have been listening to edm-ish music for the past ~25-years while I am in front of my laptop working. I, like many, find songs that have lyrics I know well, or those that are familiar from my childhood or teen years are too distracting. So, now of course with the list of available genres growing almost on a daily basis, just labeling something as 'electronic' or 'edm' is quite vague and somewhat ambiguous, but if I had to list my favorite genres to listen to while I am coding, it would have to be 'electronic', 'hip-hop', 'house', 'deep-house', and 'indietronica'. I have curated my own lists of songs that keep me focused, even while I'm dancing in my chair. One of my favorite playlists is also the first one I compiled for this specific need, if you like you are more than welcome to check it out on Spotify at

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Right now maybe this one.
But it changes over time. So, I don't think there's an ultimate one. At least in my case.
Curious to see what the playlist will look like :)

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This is my fav

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Arnold Wafula

I don't code to β€œmusic” but sounds. Lofi girl on YouTube does it for me. Chill beats to code to, study, chill to always do the job.

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Don't hate me but gotta go with As if it's your last by BLACKPINK

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Stefano Canepa

J. Hayden - The creation

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Andy Delso

For me it is hard to listen to things with singing or catch guitar riffs while planning my code or actually coding. So during those times, I am usually listening to lo-fi of any type or chill-hop.