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Tech Certifications in 2024?

What tech certifications are you considering for the upcoming year, and how do you envision them shaping your professional journey?

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Martins Gouveia

Any AWS certificate is required. Because, the application based on cloud ☁️ is future and devOps is matter for all applications/company.

Sorry my english, I’m not fluen, isn’t my native language.

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Jon Randy πŸŽ–οΈ

None. Never wanted them, needed them, or required them of potential hires.

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Prasad Saya

If you are a Java programmer with some experience or a junior Java programmer, I suggest getting a Java SE Programmer certification. This should be for version 11 or higher. A certification ensures that one has a good rounded knowledge of the capabilities (and the usage) of the language and also good programming practices in Java. Sometimes, work place experience even after a few years can provide a limited exposure to the language.

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Stefan Moore

Does insane count?

tiffany profile image

You'd have to be navigating this industry πŸ˜…

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John Johnson Okah

Certification in Python and ML for the porfolio.
Though I have quite some experience in python, I still need a certificate and some projects as proof of concept.

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Grace Icay

Looking into getting an ISTQB certification or a CPAM certification this year!