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Let's talk #DEVResolutions - what strikes a chord with you?

Our community opens up about professional goals, personal aspirations, and the driving forces behind their 2024 ambitions. As you read through, please show some love to those contributors whose resolutions strike a chord with you.

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@sinisterchef is making 2024 count. He's launching, and adding a dose of humor to cooking blogs. His aspirations include connecting with the DEV Community, seeking feedback on his beta site, and committing to becoming a more engaged member. With an entertaining twist on the culinary narrative, he's set to carve his path in the tech and cooking realms.

@rachelfazio, DEV's very own Content Creator, steps into the coding world with exciting goals for 2024. Learning HTML and CSS, expanding their portfolio, and knitting a sweater are among their aspirations. As a new face in the coding landscape, they're hoping to soft launch a place to collect all of our Top 7 authors' articles, and they'd love your suggestions and feedback.

In a reflective year-end piece, @ra_jeeves shares their uncertainties about achievements and the future. Despite this, they are committed to giving 100%, confronting self-doubts and frustrations, and proposing an unconventional yet meaningful exchange for their aspirations. It's a hopeful and relatable outlook for what is sure to be a transformative year ahead.

@kreamtea is on a mission! With aspirations to build a stellar portfolio website, conquer public speaking fears, and embrace personal growth, they're set to make 2024 a transformative journey.

@cristuker is charting a course for professional growth. His goals include delving deeper into cloud services, specializing in Node.js, creating innovative side projects, and consistently sharing insights through monthly articles.

Meet @margaretincali. Her triad of goals involves kickstarting a blog, elevating skills through certifications, and embarking on a quest for new job opportunities. Get ready to navigate this clear path to success in the year ahead!

Feeling inspired by these reflections? 🌟 Share your own 2024 resolutions under #DEVResolutions2024 and join the community journey! Need a starting point? Pick three goals from our customizable checklist here. We can't wait to see what you do this year on!

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Erin A Olinick

A big thank you to all our #DEVResolutions2024 contributors, including this group here, @sinisterchef, @rachelfazio, @ra_jeeves, @kreamtea, @cristuker, and @margaretincali, for sharing your inspiring goals for 2024!

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Rachel Fazio

That's me! Hi!

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Rajeev R. Sharma

Thanks @erinao for including me in the post ❤️