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Make it Happen in January with (DEV)eloper Goals! 💜✨

Hey, amazing DEV Community!

Whether you're still riding the wave of New Year motivation or looking for that extra push, we've got something special for you — My (DEV)eloper Goals! 🚀

Here's your checklist of awesome ways to contribute and collaborate with the DEV community. Choose three goals from our list (or make up your own!) that spark your inspiration, and let's make these achievements yours by the end of the month!

My (DEV)eloper Goals Template

Customize your progress graphic, keep us updated, and watch out for kudos on our social media! Let's make 2024 a year of incredible achievements together! 🌈✨

Download Our Header + Customizable Graphic

My (DEV)eloper Goals Checklist:

  1. Publish a #DEVResolutions2024 post 📝

  2. Earn a DEV badge 🏅

  3. Follow a new tag 🏷️

  4. Collaborate with another DEV member on a project or article 👥

  5. Publish a new article and/or set a goal for publishing articles on DEV ✍️

  6. Set a goal for making comments on DEV posts 💬

  7. Become a Trusted Member 🙌

  8. Publish a #discuss post 💬

  9. Earn the Discussion of the Week honor 🌟

  10. Welcome a new member via the Welcome Thread 👋

  11. Share your weekly wins 🏆

  12. Share a meme on Meme Monday 🤠

  13. Write and publish a Top 7 featured post 🏆

  14. Subscribe to the Community Newsletter via your settings 📬

  15. Follow ThePracticalDEV on social media (Bluesky, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Mastodon, X 📱

  16. Share thoughts or provide feedback on DEV features and initiatives (like the new Mentor Monthly thread OR...) 🗣️

  17. Contribute to an open-source project (our codebase is open to contributors) and tell us about it! 🌐

  18. Share valuable learning resources with the Community 📚

  19. Participate in or create your own DEV AMA (Ask Me Anything) post 🎙️

  20. Explore and experiment with DEV APIs 🚀

  21. Become one of the top commenters on DEV posts 💬

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