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Mentor Matching β€” May 2024 🀝

This monthly series is dedicated to helping mentors and mentees connect with one another. 🀜πŸ’₯πŸ€›

The DEV Community is made up of a wide variety of developers who are at different points in their careers with separate skill sets and specialties. We're constantly sharing our experiences and learning together in public, so it feels natural to open up a space for mentors and potential mentees to meet & mingle, discuss what they're offering or hoping to get from mentorship, and plan their next steps.

Here's How It Works

Below, we'll offer some guidance for how to approach this thread from both a mentor's and a mentee's perspective.

Guidance for Mentors 🍎

If you're a mentor and plan on using this thread to talk about your experience and what you can provide mentorship-wise, you've come to the right place. Also, thank you... we appreciate you offering to help others in our community!

NOTE: If you're offering a paid-for service, we ask that you please be upfront about that in your message.

We recommend sharing a message about yourself that includes the following:

  1. Your experience as a developer and as a mentor. If it's your first time offering mentorship, that's okay; please just be honest.
  2. What you're able to offer. For example: share your preferred method of communication and how much estimated time you can provide on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.
  3. Why you're doing this. Perhaps you remember being a beginner and would like to help someone out. Maybe you run a supportive Discord channel. Or, maybe it's part of your career in DevRel.
  4. How folks can connect with you. You could provide contact details, point to your website, link to your socials/Discord channel/etc. β€” just give folks a way to get in touch.

Guidance for Mentees ✨

Thanks for coming here to find a mentor and/or to put yourself out there as a potential mentee. We hope that this thread helps to connect you with somebody or group of folks in the DEV Community who can offer you guidance and assistance via mentorship.

NOTE: We do not endorse every person who lists themselves as a mentor in this thread. Remember, this is an open thread, so please be cautious about sharing your personal details. If you see someone whose behavior or services seem suspicious, please don't hesitate to report them to us.

We recommend responding to a mentor who has let a message below and/or sharing a message about yourself that includes the following:

  1. Your current experience level as a developer. If you're just beginning and/or in early learning stages, that's absolutely okay!
  2. What your personal goals are. These can be long-term and aspirational, e.g. I want to become a professional web developer. They can also be more short-term and specific, e.g. I want to learn best practices for naming models in Ruby.
  3. What your personal commitment looks like. Can you meet up multiple times a week, once a week, once a month? Are you full-time job searching or currently working somewhere else? How much time do you expect to spend on this?
  4. How folks can connect with you. You could let a mentor know that you plan on contacting them. And/or you could provide contact details, point to your website, socials, etc.

Match on 🀝

A quick clip from the original Star Wars, Episode IV. A close up shot of Obi Wan Kenobi saying "You must learn the ways of the force"

Alrighty, now that y'all know how this works, feel free to drop your details below and let folks get to know you!

Top comments (31)

antonysastre profile image
Antony Sastre • Edited

1) I have 15 years of experience as a software developer. Primarily building web applications. But this would be my first time mentoring.

2) I can be available up to 2 hours per week to tutor and mentor a fellow junior developer.

3) I'm doing this because i recently came back to programming after a short break and realised I love this and I might do have something to contribute. I hope to contribute to the sense of community between developers.

4) You can reach me on either slack or google meet. But I can adjust to appropriate channels that works for you.

sanketmahadik191 profile image

Thank you for reaching out and offering your mentorship! I'm excited about the opportunity to learn from your expertise and experience. Your dedication to fostering a sense of community among developers is admirable.

I'm more than happy to join your mentorship program and collaborate with you to enhance my skills and knowledge in web development. I appreciate your flexibility with communication channels and look forward to our sessions on Slack or Google Meet.

Please let me know the next steps or any specific topics you'd like to focus on during our sessions.

Best regards,
Sanket Mahadik

saurabhchandra1024 profile image
Saurabh Chandra

Hi Antony ,

My name is Saurabh I am from India, I am a CS student and learning Web Develoopment.
Currently i'm enrolled in Harvard CS50w and a React course on Coursera.

It will be amazing to learn from you .

Kind regards

phalkmin profile image
Paulo Henrique

I have worked with IT for at least 24 years, and with the internet and social media for the last 15 years, mostly with WordPress as a tool and Open Source as a philosophy. I have written a book, given lectures and courses at various events throughout Brazil, and for some years I have been known as an active tech blogger in Brazil. And there's more, but you can see in my Portfolio. Also, I won the Coze AI Bot challenge :D

Honestly, it would be my first time mentoring someone online, but for some years I guided interns and juniors in the agencies where I've worked, giving tips and helping them get the hang of the job. I'm also willing to adapt and learn as I go.

Extra Info

  • Experience in media agencies and startups since 2008;
  • Experience working for digital agencies since 2019;
  • Experience in writing;

What I'm able to offer (it's my b-month, so I'm willing to make it all for free as long as I have free time)

  • Career Advice;
  • Resume Review;
  • Code and Project Analysis;
  • Help Improving Writing and Documentation Skills;
  • Professional Mentoring for projects;
  • Consultation on something else that you want, like Linux management and scaling, WordPress development, etc.;

Preferred method of communication:

Email and video call. If you are from SΓ£o Paulo - Brazil, we can share a coffee and talk about your projects.


It depends on what you need you my help for, and how much you need it, but probably weekly

Why you're doing this

There are lots of things that I had to learn the hard way. I think my experiences can be helpful to the new generation.

How folks can connect with you.

You can go to my (in need of an update, I know) portfolio, or connect with me on LinkedIn.

juanjefry23 profile image

Hi Paulo,

My name is Juan I am from Peru, currently living in Argentina, I work as a remote Frontend developer.

It is very impressive your experience and will be amazing to learn from you and also to read your blogs.

Kind regards

PD: I have sent a connection request on Linkedin 😁

andywhyte9316 profile image
Andrew Whyte

Hi all, I am looking for a mentor.
1) I have 7 months of experience as a developer, I went through a boot camp run on behalf of my company and was good enough to end up with a tech role.
2) I am looking to grow my knowledge and grow into a solid junior developer in the short term. My biggest struggles right now is working within a test driven development environment.
3) I work a hybrid pattern which I work in the office in London 2 days a week and from home in the north east of Scotland. I am able to make myself available 2-4 evenings a week.
4) I can be reached on discord, google meet, zoom let me know your preference.

paras594 profile image
Paras πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

Hi Andrew, hope you are doing well !
I am Paras, a fullstack developer with over 5 years of experience in MERN Stack. I am also a Neo4j certified professional. I would love to listen to you and hear your thoughts and share my understanding and experience. I am available this weekend, so if interested, we can connect and have a discussion. We can connect via google meet for that. :)

joshlovesdesign profile image
I am Josh.

I'm both mentor and men...tee?

15 years of self-taught web applications development. Failed out of school but still "made it," so I'm very supportive of 1st-timers trying to figure things out. I led a chapter of free code camp back when I had time for such things.

Also looking for career advice.

israelrotimi profile image
Israel Rotimi

Hi Josh, I feel inspired by your story and will like to connect with you as a mentee.
I am a JavaScript developer with some experience, a fast learner and mostly seeking career support and code collaboration. You can reach me on email:

amythical profile image

20+ years in software dev, More about me in my first post
I have been helping fellow devs in teams I have worked with.
First time mentoring at
Happy to share my experience with developers new to coding,
also happy to connect with anyone building their own tech product and facing tech/non-tech business challenges.

I can connect on discord/email and can spend time catching up 3-4 times a week via a causal discord/email chat.
Email -

montyharper profile image
Monty Harper

I've recently hit my one year mark as a learner/developer of iOS apps. I completed a nanodegree on, and I'm 2/3 of the way through Paul Hudson's 100DaysOfSwiftUI. I'm hoping to land a job doing this at some point soon. I'm an older guy getting into this after years of being a professional musician and college algebra instructor. I could really use some guidance on building a portfolio, spinning my resume, networking, getting into the app store, furthering my learning - everything really. I'm spending about half my time at this and the other half gigging to pay the bills. Thanks!

pranshrana profile image

Hi All,

I am a software developer, currently finding myself in the mushy middle of transitioning into a full time software developer role from a mixed career of robotics and mechanical engineering.

I am looking for someone to guide me into becoming a skilled and confident software engineer. I work with cpp python and bash. Please let me know if you can help me out. I am pretty coachable and a fast learner, and you won't be teaching me things from scratch. Looking forward to hearing from you!

paras594 profile image
Paras πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ • Edited

Hi Pransh, I am Paras, a fullstack developer (MERN Stack) and certified neo4j professional with over 5 years of experience. I would love to have a conversation with you regarding your thoughts and your plans for future. I don't know how much I can help you with but I will try my best and share what I have in my bucket.
Let me know if you are interested :)

menaiala profile image
Menai Ala Eddine


I started programming in 2012 and I developed desktop, mobile and web applications for corporate and startups. I spend my free time on open source, GitHub.

If you are an intern or a junior developer and you would to learn how to work on open source project with a guidance, and learn more about team collaboration, I support you with that by working together on real project.

svetlanaprus profile image

Hi, I am looking for a mentor.

My name is Svetlana, 51 years old, live in Norway. At 48 I started learning programming via courses & bootcamps. After 1.5 years I found an internship, and then switched to a permanent contract. But it so happened that now there is a crisis in the industry and I lost my job again. I'm looking for a new one, but the market is so tough now. Moreover. I have to pass a technical interview, but unfortunately I do not have experience in this.

I need a full preparation: solving algorithmic tasks on Javascript (those that are given in most cases during interview), solving tasks on the React, and theory (question-answer).

Time frame & goal: by August-September improve on all counts.
Frequency: meetings can be once a week or more often, by agreement.

You can contact me via Linkedin:

Thank you.

metcoder profile image
Carlos Fuentes

Hey! I'm Carlos, Software Engineer with ~8 years of experience.
Through my career I've worked alone as freelance and with different organizations from startups to organizations. Previously worked at a Fintech startup, and now more into the IAM realm.

Huge fan of Open Source, I'm an active maintainer of Fastify, Undici and most recently Piscina!

I've been doing mentoring for a while and I'm open to help as much as I can.

Happy to get in touch :)

locnguyenpv profile image

Hi all,

I am working as a Software Developer, I usually work with ASP.NET & Javascript. Even though I have more than 4 years, I feel my knowledge, and my skills are still weak. I hope can find a mentor who helps me upgrade my skills and confidence. I'm always open and active in learning πŸ€—

r3tr00o profile image

Hi everyone!
I'm looking for a mentor :D

I have couple months of self-tought experience with basic front-end. I feel like I am at beggining of my dev journey.

The main long-term goal is to build projects (how to structure a good repo etc.) to my portfolio and then learn framework like React or Next.

I work 8AM-4PM GMT+2 so I'm abe to 3-4 evenings in week + weekends

You can reach me on discord, but I can adjust it to work best for you.

wewake-dev profile image

Hi all,

I am a software developer with 8 years of professional experience after graduating with CSE degree from a top university in India. I have diverse experienceΒ across both MNCs and product-based startups in the following domains: HR SAAS, e-commerce webapp, gaming and Cloud infrastructure, and have had the pleasure of working with various languages and technologies.

I currently provide 1:1 paid mentorship for practical full stack development and DSA for interview preparations and referrals/placement assistance. It's a 4 month curriculum where we work on building several projects. We would practically explore python and JS and their frameworks and tools. I do provide a free trial class.

There are only 3 basic requirements from my mentees:

  • mentee should have a basic knowledge of coding
  • mentee should willing to give at least 2 hours each day for take home exercises
  • mentee should be available for 2 classes of 1.5 hours each week.

I offer the same program offline in my city of residence.

Please reach out directly on my email from my profile or my personal website.

jetronglomar profile image

Hi All,

I am looking for a mentor. I've been in the field for 8 years now but I still consider myself as someone who has a lot of room to improve on. Looking for someone to guide me regarding navigating the paths I want to try in the software development field and get some advice regarding my confidence in the career. My goal is to be able to improve my confidence and grab more opportunities than I can considering the stage I am in now. I can meet multiple times at the convenience of the mentor time. We can also meet via Zoom, Slack, and another meeting platform that the mentor wants to use.

avezqureshi14 profile image
Avez Qureshi • Edited

Hey Mentor's
I'm Avez , looking for a mentor! I am a MERN stack developer who has recently embarked on my corporate journey after college. I have approx. 9 months of experience in this corporate world. I want to make more and more contributions to Open Source using my MERN development skills. I would be very grateful for a mentor to guide me. I have dedicated the time slot from 8 pm for Open Source contributions so I will be always available during this time, You can connect me through my
email :
linkedin :
github :