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Living The Dream With AI: CodeNewbie Podcast

It's podcast day y'all.

If you are new here, hello and welcome! It's me Rachel, and I am here today with CodeNewbie Podcast, where we come to you weekly with an interview with a tech professional, sharing supportive advice for newbies in tech.

Welcome back!

Let's look at our new episode!

Pixellated Ear Bouncing Around

Our fourth episode of this season just came out with our host @saronyitbarek and Rob Frelow, Co-founder & Chief AI Officer at The Storygraph.

Rob shares how a trip in his friend’s Tesla led him to enroll in his first AI course, how he broke into AI later in his career and his experience truly living the dream waking up each morning excited to dive into AI and his work at The Storygraph.

Special Note: We had Rob on DEVDiscuss a few years ago! You can check that episode out here.

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See ya next week for more things CodeNewbie.

ALSO, if you are eager for more podcast-discussions, I also run Podcast Palooza on Mondays to share your favorite podcast-related content!

Rachel from the DEV and CodeNewbie Teams

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Kudzai Murimi

Thank you for sharing with the community Rachel!

rachelfazio profile image
Rachel Fazio

Glad you enjoyed!!!

rachelfazio profile image
Rachel Fazio

Me commenting on my own post to tell you I am very excited about this episode because I am a steadfast Storygraph user. I love that app, holy heck!