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Lend your voice to an episode of the DevDiscuss podcast by telling us your WORST on-call horror story 😱

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The DevDiscuss Podcast begins with an interview and ends with commentary from listeners — and we like to feature the actual voices from our community!

This week's prompt: "What’s your worst SRE/on-call horror story?"

For your chance to appear on an upcoming episode, answer the question above by:

  • Calling our Google Voice at +1 (929)500-1513 and leave a message 📞

  • Sending a voice memo to pod@dev.to 🎙

  • OR, leaving a comment here (we'll read your response aloud for you) 🗣

Please send in your recordings by September 9th at 5 PM PT (8 PM ET, 12 AM UTC)

Don't forget to check out the latest episode, released on Wednesday!

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Friday afternoon on Labor Day weekend, 2003-ish, getting ready to enjoy a long weekend getaway with my family, a tech in an adjacent cage at the CoLo spilled a Big Gulp into our SAN, wiping out 8 databases. It also shorted out the tape carousel. We borrowed a tape drive—a manual unit—and spent the weekend running restores, serially. I had it easy, all I had to do was sit at home and call the sysadmin to let him know when to switch the tapes. The sysadmin spent the weekend at the CoLo, wrapped in a blanket.

We finished around 4PM on Monday and I had just sat down on the couch and turned on the TV when my wife and kids got home... "Is this what you've been doing all weekend? Watching TV??"