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Helping You Build Machine Learning Products: CodeNewbie Podcast

Happy Friday y'all!

If you are new here, hello and welcome! It's me Rachel, and I am here today with CodeNewbie Podcast, where we come to you weekly with an interview with a tech professional, sharing supportive advice for newbies in tech.

This week we are coming at ya a little late, apologies, gosh!!! I have missed you all.

Let's look at our new episode!

Sloth from Zootopia looking shocked.

In our third episode of this season just came out with our host @saronyitbarek and Pau Labarta Bajo, Machine Learning Engineer and Educator at Real-World Machine Learning.

Pau talks to Saron about transitioning from working daily in Excel to Python, why data is everything, and what skills early developers need to foster if they want a career in machine learning.

You can also find Pau on Github or Machine Learning.

If you would like to listen you can:

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Will see ya later for more CodeNewbie Podcast stuffs!

ALSO, if you are eager for more podcast-discussions, I also run Podcast Palooza on Mondays to share your favorite podcast-related content!

Rachel from the DEV and CodeNewbie Teams

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