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Deployment options | November release

Hi All 👋🏻

We've just released our November's edition of developer's T-shirts.

Hope that you'll enjoy them 😊

Developer t-shirt release summary

Question was:

Containers or Serverless?
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Inspirational quote

there is no cloud: It’s just someone else’s computer
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Answer containers

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Developer's T-shirt, Containers, docker saves the day

Developer T-shirt design

We think nothing illustrates containers more than famous docker whale. At the end of the day it is the technology used by 90% of engineers in production environments. So we did a fan tribute tee. Besides picking a docker logo for our hero, we've figured we need to make him more heroic. So we made him fly, and added a bit of high tech gear. He is carrying various packages because that is what docker helps us do. Make sure our dependencies work in production enviorments. One of the reasons for dockers popularity is that it runs in every cloud provider. That is also the main reason why hero is calmly floating on a bunch of clouds. We hope that we've nailed it with this illustration and made you think of Docker the same way we do. Made you think of a hero that saves our day.

Answer serverless

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Developer's T-shirt, Serverless high speed without compromising the deed, serverless tee

Developer T-shirt design

Even though Lambda from AWS is probably the most popular representation of serverless, we've decided to go with road runner for our developer tee. We think that road runner is a perfect illustration of serverless. For us serverless represents fast way of building stuff, hence a famous cartoon character. With serverless you are a judge of how much you want to invest into development and how much you want to pay your hosting provider. That is the main reason why our road runner is dressed as a judge. We think, as you scale serverless, it is all about balancing which parts you want to build as machine efficient microservices and which parts you want to design using serverless functions. Hence our judicial scale. As you weight the pros and cons you usually realise how much you need to invest into developing something. Serverless makes developing new features simple. It reduces the initial developement costs. That is why the scale is tilted on FaaS. And as far as quote goes we were inspired with rap battle. We think there is some truth about it. It's all about going high speed without compromising the deed.

What is is a paid mystery tee a month club built specifically for developers, engineers and programmers in mind. Each month you answer a question and get a mystery tee delivered at your doorstep.
Every one of our shirts is illustrated and we aim to provide high quality tee's.

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