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10 coolest Developer T-shirts

Being a developer and working in tech is the new cool. Be proud of it and get some premium t-shirts to brag about it.

All of the listed t-shirts are made of 100% cotton materials, making you feel comfy as well as making you look great. Unlike the cheap Polyester t-shirts you can usually find online these ones are the real deal. 

The illustrations on them are exclusive and high quality. Comparing them to something that sells on etsy wouldn't be fair because these ones are just a magnitude better. Each one is though trough, with design briefs, professional illustration, inspirational quote and a story behind it.

I've listed here my favourite T-shirts for which I think you'll find them cool and loveable.

1.) Parent Programmer

Nothing gives as much joy to engineers as compiler successfully compiling our programs. We could say the same for becoming a parent. This T-shirt reflects on that.

Compiler result success

2.) Build in progress

Don't let your colleagues think you are slacking while your system is building. While these things happen you are usually monitoring and thinking about what could go wrong. Sloth is there just to spice things up as builds sometimes tend to be slow. Make sure you grab a coffee while wearing this special build tee. I guarantee it will bring some smiles to your coworkers face.

Build in progress, I am not slacking

3.) There is no place like

The highest quality t-shirt of a developer's quote. With futuristic perfectly drawn home, I would say this one is simply pure art. It's simply by a magnitude better than anything else currently on the market. I'm so glad that I own this tee.

There is no place like


4.) It's harder to read code than to write it

This one is deep, both illustration wise, as well as quote wise. With a ying yang of junior becoming a senior, and a matching quote it's simply astonishing. If you want to look smart, make your colleagues impressed, go for this one.

It's harder to write code than read it

5.) If you control the code you control the world

This one is perfect if you are generally enthusiastic and positive person. It's simply a classic other developers will cherish. It emphasises the importance of tech in modern world.

If you control the code you control the world

6.) I are programmer i make computer beep boop

Another classic, but at the same time, it is a magnitude better than anything else on the market. It most certainly appeals to developer dog parents out there.

I are programmer i make computer beep boop

7.) Docker saves the day

One for docker enthusiasts as well as professionals. I love how docker's whale became a hero with superpowers. Compared to other illustrations on the market this one is much more thought true. Not the mention the high quality of it and amount of details that went into it.

Docker saves the day

8.) Do crypto with passion or don't do it at all

Stand up to crypto's true values, and don't follow the current hype. Let's remove the bad from crypto leaving only good values. Support decentralised money.

Do crypto with passion or don't do it all

9.) Serverless web scale

This developer t-shirt perfectly captures the state of serverless technologies. It's a bit playful and gonna make your peers LOL. It's a nice conversation opener for a given tech.

Serverless - high speed without compromising the deed

10.) Crypto sceptics

Scepticism about crypto is understandable. There are burning questions about it: Do we need it? What's wrong with fiat? What's up with all the crypto scams?

The system isn't broken, can we trust the crypto token

Want to see more cool tees? Take a look at We are releasing 2 t-shirts per month so make sure you follow us and check us out from time to time in order to not miss the other cool developer tees.

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