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The Ultimate List of Job Hunting Resources for Software Developers Part 6: Computer Science Fundamentals

I've compiled and curated a list of job hunting resources for software developers, it covers resources for writing resumes, applying and managing job applications, efficient ways to prepare for coding interviews, resources to learn system design, you can download the free PDF here.

Depending on the company and position you are interviewing for, you may need to refresh on computer science. With the time constraints of getting ready for an interview, I recommend finding the knowledge gap you need to close and close it, instead of going through the material sequentially(but if you have the time to go through the books or courses, it's always good to learn).

Open source courses


If you have seen resources that helped your job hunting process, leave a comment and share with more people :)
Next post I will go over tools that may help your negotiation. Stay tuned!

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