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The Ultimate List of Job Hunting Resources for Software Developers Part 3: Prepare For Coding Interview

I've compiled and curated a list of job hunting resources for software developers, it covers resources for writing resumes, applying and managing job applications, efficient ways to prepare for coding interviews, resources to learn system design, you can download the free PDF here.

Learn data structure and algorithm

If you are new to data structure and algorithm or you want to brush up on it:

There are many other classic books or courses on data structure and algorithms, but to ace coding interviews, we should focus on practicing to solve common coding interview questions, there is no shortcut, practice makes perfect. Having said that, as of right now there are already more than 2500 practice problems on Leetcode, we also need to be smart about preparing for coding interviews.

A common and effective strategy I've seen many people used and worked(including myself) is:

Step 1: After learning about the fundamentals of a data structure or an algorithm, try to solve some corresponding classic problems

Step 2: Once you are familiar with these topics, now it's time to see if you are able to recognize which data structure or algorithm to use when you encounter a new problem

During this phase, you can try to practice this approach to solve new problems
Some community resources like this leetcode patterns is also helpful to learn about patterns

Step 3: Once you are confident you can solve most new problems, the next step is to practice mock interviews

Note that Leetcode has a Mock Assessment feature, you can try this feature to see if you can solve a problem within limited time, it mimics the online assessment in interview pipelines.

A more challenging yet common way to evaluate candidates is to have an interviewer work with you to solve a problem, it usually requires the candidates to be able to clarify requirements, communicate his or her thought process and solve the problem within a limited time. Other words, you also need to practice this scenario.

  • Pramp is a free platform where you can pair with random peers to mock this type of interview
  • also provides mock interview with FAANG engineers, although it's pricey, personally I think if you practice enough on Pramp and Leetcode it should be sufficient, but up to you if you want to invest a bit more in getting a FAANG engineer to mock coding interview with you

Coding interview Popular Youtube Channels

Other useful resources to prepare for coding interview

If you have seen resources that helped your job hunting process, leave a comment and share with more people :)
Next post I will go over how to study for system design interviews. Stay tuned!

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