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The Ultimate List of Job Hunting Resources for Software Developers Part 5: Behavior Round

I've compiled and curated a list of job hunting resources for software developers, it covers resources for writing resumes, applying and managing job applications, efficient ways to prepare for coding interviews, resources to learn system design, you can download the free PDF here.

To nail the behavior round, it really depends on what role or level you are interviewing at, but a few things that are generally helpful is to 1)keep note of your achievements and challenges you solved at work 2)use format such as STAR to tell your story. 

There are some resources showing you common mistakes you want to avoid and tips during behavior interview:


Youtube Channels

Other Resources

  • Cracking the soft skills
  • The Reverse Interview (usually towards the end of the interview you will have a few minutes to ask questions, it is also a great opportunity to learn about your potential employers, remember the interview is a two way street)

If you have seen resources that helped your job hunting process, leave a comment and share with more people :)
Next post I will go over resources for computer science fundamentals. Stay tuned!

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