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Replay: Up your DevOps game - It's time for NoOps

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By Engine Yard

NoOps, is here and it’s more than just a buzzword or an ideal. The next generation of PaaS platforms are evolving to minimize the developers’ operational burden and reduce dependency on DevOps for deployment.

Dev teams that don’t want to deal with operations or don’t have in house operations resources should consider deploying applications on a NoOps platform. NoOps creates standard best-in-class operations that deliver economies of scale and easily evolve with minimal hassle. A NoOps PaaS can dramatically accelerate your infrastructure’s evolution to leverage emerging technologies like kubernetes and containers at a fraction of the cost.

However, the term NoOps is not without controversy to say the least. In this webinar, our panelists address many of the questions and concerns surrounding the evolution of NoOps.

Some of the topics that were covered include:

  1. What is NoOps?
  2. What are the core differences between the DevOps and NoOps approach?
  3. Is NoOps the end of DevOps?
  4. What are the core technologies that are central to a NoOps platform?
  5. Why is the adoption of Kubernetes and containers central to NoOps?
  6. How can my organization evolve from DevOps to NoOps?
  7. What kinds of benefits can I expect from adopting a NoOps platform?

Take a look at our diverse panel of experts as we discuss how the NoOps evolution will help you improve development efficiency and resource utilization while optimizing infrastructure costs.

Read our blog post on NoOps here.

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