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Denizhan Dalgıç
Denizhan Dalgıç

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🤑 I Developed a Visual Novel and Earned $2

I have a friend from high school who is interested in drawing. He's always sending me his latest drawings, eager for feedback on how to improve.

Although I may not be a seasoned pro in the world of art, I have a keen eye for appreciating a masterpiece and analyzing what makes it so captivating.

I enjoy exploring the creative process and analyzing an artist's thoughts and emotions while providing constructive feedback. I also value receiving feedback to facilitate growth and a shared passion for the arts. 🖼️ 🎭

One day, we decided to create a visual novel by combining our skills in drawing and coding. Although I recognized that my equation of "drawing + coding = visual novel" was a gross oversimplification, it was an epic one. As a first-time writer, I knew that crafting a captivating visual novel required a well-developed story, and I was stepping into unknown territory. ✍️

I was aware that the equation was a gross oversimplification, but it was much more than that. It was an epic oversimplification! Creating a captivating visual novel requires a well-crafted story, and I was venturing into uncharted territory as a first-time writer. ✍️


Creating a compelling story requires attention to character development, dialogue, player choices, and branching storylines. We took on this challenge and did our best to bring our vision to life.

Of course, I wasn’t alone in this. Here are some tools I’ve used to work smarter, not harder: ✅

  1. Project management: Trello
  2. Ren’Py Visual Novel Engine
  3. Generate names in certain nationalities: Behind the Name
  4. Check the text for grammar: Grammarly
  5. Adding authenticity to dialogues through some advanced level wording: Complex Sentence Generator
  6. Tracking user progress: Google Analytics
  7. Display your game as played with details such as thumbnails and what the user is doing in-game: Discord Rich Presence

Good stories are not written. They are rewritten.
- Phyllis Whitney, author

Our project was a challenging but thrilling journey filled with creativity and perseverance. We dedicated ourselves to perfecting the storyline, continuously revising and refining it. However, as the end goal began to feel unattainable, we recognized that we had taken on too much. 🎢

Thus, we paused to regroup and reevaluate what we could realistically achieve. We identified the essential components of the story, created a detailed plan for the characters and settings, and added a refreshing twist to the narrative.

Image description

My talented friend and I brought the main theme to life and created stunning marketing materials through photoshopping. Our focus was not on financial success, but rather on the hobby project we created with love and passion. 🎵

We did not market the game, but it was not intentional. Our main goal was not to make money, but to enjoy the project as a hobby. As a result, we only sold one copy of the game and earned approximately $2 from it. 💰

For me, writing was a game-changer that allowed me to unleash my creativity. This project was a refreshing break from my daily work routine and reignited my passion for new worlds.

Check out the fruits of our labor at

It’s important to foster our creativity as it plays a significant role in our personal development and self-discovery. It allows us to tap into our distinct abilities and ideas, and express ourselves in novel and thrilling ways. By devoting time and effort to exploring our creative side, we not only improve our skills but also uncover new interests and passions.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to let your creativity shine and see where it takes you!

Disclaimer: The thumbnail of this article is created with AI.

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commdao profile image

Resonates a lot with me! I have a friend who wants to work on a first-time game project for similar reasons, and I want to assist but am getting bogged down in wanting to developthe writing and music "properly".

pengeszikra profile image
Peter Vivo

Looks so unique, congratulation for take a long process to reveal your creativity. I'am a lazzy developer this is my dark side process:

devdalgic profile image
Denizhan Dalgıç

Looks really interesting. Using AI to create a story and art is a great idea!

anitaolsen profile image
Anita Olsen

Thank you SO much for sharing this with us! I have wanted to write a visual novel/otome ever since I came over the genre 3 years ago on Steam! They are so fun and do not look that hard to make. One woman I am following on even said that you do not even have to know how to code to make a VN! (but I would still want to code it) I can both draw and code some 😊 I have noticed that many VNs are made with Ren’Py. That is excellent because I am learning Python! Thanks again for sharing with us!

devdalgic profile image
Denizhan Dalgıç

Glad you liked it!
The woman you're following is right. Ren'Py is really easy to use and its code is readable. You can always extend it as it's pure Python.

thatcomputerguy profile image
Griff Polk

Yaknow what, make is $4, i will buy what is steam link?

devdalgic profile image
Denizhan Dalgıç • Edited

Thanks for your support! Unfortunately, it is not available on Steam. It's available on

thatcomputerguy profile image
Griff Polk

There is no money number better than $2, not even $3!

learncodeprofessor profile image

I like it.

pinky057 profile image

Thank you SO much for sharing this with us!

christopherxp profile image

Money is money :D