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Makerwork 007 has an interview with Antonio of theLIFEBOARD a life habit planner

Hey Makers! 👋

Welcome to Digest 007 of the newsletter. Our featured maker, Antonio, started with an idea to build a new year resolutions web app to scratch his own itch. 🏆

For many of us, nine months spent quarantining at home has completely erased the elaborate routines and habits we had carefully constructed in the pre pandemic. So it’s unsurprising that as we turn to 2021, many people are seeking ways to develop new habits and bring some structure and routine back into their largely confined lives.

A new survey from CIT Bank found that 43 percent of Americans are setting new year resolutions for 2021, compared with 35 percent who did the same for 2020. Resolutions focused on habits such as exercise and self-care are especially popular.

While we all start a new year with good intentions that we’ll reach our goals, however, few of us stick to these resolutions past January. A study by the University of Scranton found that just 40 percent of resolution makers are still keeping their resolutions six months in.

That’s where habit tracking apps want to help you. Unlike logging apps, habit formation apps are a slightly different breed. They’re aspirational. Habit apps are less about distilling your life into a series of data points and more about becoming your ideal self.

A habit tracker can make goals feel more attainable, boosts your confidence, keeps you focused and helps you stay motivated. theLifeBoard app does all these and more by following a simple methodology: plan, execute, analyze, improve, repeat.

After all who can give a better testimonial of theLifeboard app than the author himself. Antonio has been following this methodology for almost four years now with great results. ⭐️

If you like to know about the maker, I interviewed Antonio of theLifeboard in this week's roundup of makers for makers. This week's issue also includes BeeWare a python suite to write once and deploy everywhere, and an open source powerful yet simple to use screenshot software Flameshot.


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