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Makerwork 005 includes an open-source text-based programming language for music composition

Hey Makers! πŸ‘‹

Welcome to Digest 005 of the newsletter. Our featured maker, Dave, is the author of a text-based programming language for music composition. πŸ†

As a programmer and as a composer, Dave felt that there are a couple of fundamental problems with GUI music notation software: it’s distracting and it’s limiting.

While some people may be put off by a wall of textual code, text-based languages are both very compact and open. To help beginners overcome this, Dave has put a lot of thought into making the syntax as intuitive and beginner-friendly as possible.

Dave is envisioning a world where both programmers and non-programmers alike can create all sorts of music, from classical to chiptune to experimental soundscapes, using only a text editor and the Alda executable. ⭐️

If you like to know about the maker, I interviewed Dave of Alda in this week's roundup of makers for makers. This week's issue also includes an open source and privacy-focused productivity suite Bloom and a web-based multiuser time-tracking application Kimai free for everyone.


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