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Makerwork 004

Hey Makers! 👋

Kevin, our featured maker, created InvoicePlane and grew its users to thousands before feeling burned out and passing it to another maintainer after 4 years of work. He is now maintaining a bookmarking app that he created to scratch his own itch. 🏆

Bookmarks are very popular among users and are used slightly more than other navigation strategies, such as querying a search engine. Over 90% of users have a bookmark archive according to research from the University of Toronto.

As the Internet becomes the dominant global information resource, users will need bookmark management systems that scale-up to manage their growing archives. Systems should minimize the effort needed to organize bookmarks, ideally an automated sorting system.

Poor visualization hampers users with large archives, while limited information in the top level listing of bookmarks makes it difficult to find bookmarks. With skills in web and backend development, Kevin created LinkAce with a focus on user management and handling. ⭐️

If you like to know about the maker, I interviewed Kevin of LinkAce in a weekly roundup of makers for makers.

Makerwork 004 includes an open source userscripts support for browsers, namely Violentmonkey, and Limus a self-hosted image/screenshot editor.


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