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VS Code Extensions for Data Engineering - Part 1

This is my opinionated list for Visual Studio Code Extension that helped me during data wrangling, cleaning, processing, checks, and other utilization.

Rainbow CSV

CSV probably the most used format for storing datasets and it can read in plain text. When you reading csv file, do you face problem to distinguish each columns value? Rainbow CSV will help you to solve it.

preview from the extension page


Parquet is column-oriented data format for storage and data retrieval efficiency. You may find this format often in datalake storage system. You can view and read it using an interactive query tools, but not readable by text editor. Parquet-Viewer will provide you the view for the data.

preview from the extension page

Since parquet mostly store a huge amount of data, opening it will depend on your machine capability.

SQLite Viewer

Someone gave you a sqlite database. You probably started to think to install a program like sqlitebrowser, but only to view and read the data. Don't bother, you can use this extension instead.

preview from the extension page

Text Transformer for VSCode

VSCode only come with UPPERCASE and lowercase text transformation in the default installation. You may need the other text cases like snake_case , camelCase , PascalCase . This extension will enable them.


Increment Selection

We can duplicate lines of number in VSCode, but not incrementaly. This problem happened when we want to label each lines with sequential number. Increment Selection will increment our blocked lines automatically and you can start the sequence from any number you want.

preview from the extension page

Jump and Select

This extension is very useful to me when I'm dealing with CSV and processing multiply rows. The problem was traversing between commas to get you to the designated column.

preview for jumpselect

This extension may come in handy for different case.

Hope the list helps you to process the data faster.

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