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MongoDB on Laragon

Installing MongoDB Server

Download The Latest Zip

Go to, find the latest zip available and download it. Here is what I got at the time:

latest mongodb zip available

Extract and Move To Laragon MongoDB Directory

Extract the zip file, it will result a single folder with the name of the version downloaded. Now just move the folder to C:\laragon\bin\mongodb or create the mongodb there first if it's not availble.

laragon mongodb directory

Run the MongoDB Server

Open the Laragon Dashboard, now the mongodb menu will available. You can run the server and stop it later from here.

mongodb menu on laragon dashboard

GUI Client: Robo 3T (Robomongo)

The lightest client GUI available for MongoDB is robomongo and somehow it renamed to Robo 3T now. You can download it from and install it like a normal software installation. Once you done installed it, you can test and create connection the server like this:

robo3t connection

CLI Client: MongoDB Shell (Mongosh)

If you prefer to work with terminal or shell, you can use MongoDB Shell and the windows installer is availble at Installing it will add the PATH for the command automatically. Here is when typed mongosh and ENTER in command prompt:

mongosh test

If the PATH isn't added automatically, then add it manually as instructed here

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