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Should you buy Macbook pro M1 2020

I was using MacBook pro 16" 2020 model previously and it is a machine for developers.Anyways i needed a laptop for my day to day job which is coding and listening to some coccolino deep songs and i chose MacBook 13 inch M1 2020 model to be the lucky one.

All in all if i compare with MacBook PRO i7 model it is a beast machine and just never lets me down in performance spectrum.

Although i do have some pros and cons for you guys...


  • Battery performance
  • 8 Core ARM architecture
  • Big Small processor design used in M1
  • Rest is same old same old


  • Software support
  • Miss you docker
  • Had to install brew in two separate locations

For all the developer wait for full software support but if you want to come join us M1 owners on the brighter side of rainbow please don't think twice TAKE THE LEAP

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