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My Macbook

deepakadhana11 profile image Deepak Adhana ・2 min read

Yeah this is another one where you see people praising the gem of the tech world. Let me start from the beginning which is when I was a child I did not had internet at my home but had a computer.

So once I did pretty good in my school so my brother told me that you can either have internet or a new laptop and I chose internet and since that day onward I was hooked onto my computer like a drug addict to addiction.

I didn't know much about programming but it sure did sound something I could learn and understand pretty easily. It was not as tough as physics where you had combine math and imagination to find a pattern. Here I could build my own patterns and I did not need to assume something I just had to declare some variables and let them to do rest by talking some wierd one's and zero's to each, yeah I know that's all they know.

Anyways coming back to macbook, I used windows computers in my early days which are still early I suppose. I was a big fan of windows 7. It was something. Then I got an introduction to something amazing which was Linux and specifically ubuntu 9.04. windows did have a command prompt but it was not as cool as the terminal. The only thing I wanted from my computer was to be perfect. This is where mac comes into place. Introducing apple macbook, yup I am one of the few who was lucky enough to watch Steve jobs on stage live. Linux is great but the beauty with which Apple computer software interacts with its hardware is just mind blowing. I know there are some manufacturers out there which provide the same experience for linux computers also and most of the websites u and I use in our daily life are running on Linux servers.

I got my first macbook at my 3rd tech job as a front-end developer and boy I always creamed of that moment when I would get my mac and it was finally the time to experience my dream in reality. After I got that macbook I am on a different galaxy. I still love Linux and open source community.

The ease with which macbook does things is just pure beauty and slowly my macbook turn me into the golum of lord of the rings where I was standing on desk with my macboooook in my hand JK "just kidding" not yet. I know a bit dramatic but I thought u should know the whole story of

My Macbook

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Gary Bell

I think the MacBook might actually be the perfect development machine (that's an upcoming personal blog topic) but it's not something I've ever used.

Why? Cost. I can't easily justify £3000 for the device when I don't know if I can get used to the interface easily enough to not ruin my productivity.

I would wager that if I tried one for a couple of days I would really want one. But for now I'll stick to a device around 1/3 of the price (admittedly lower spec) and keep Ubuntu.

deepakadhana11 profile image
Deepak Adhana Author

What is your system specs with ubuntu laptop.

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Gary Bell

My personal machine is only an it with 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD. It's an Asus Zenbook which I got in the clearance sale for around £600 when I wasn't sure if development was still my passion (I had a bad couple of years).

My work provided me with a HP Zbook mobile workstation, which is Windows based and I run several virtual machines in. It's comparable in price to a macbook pro.

When that broke and needed repair, I got a dell xps 13 with ubuntu on. It's a 4k screen, 16GB RAM and a 512 GB SSD. It's just a spare now