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Building Blocks of Creation

This is the first instalment of a series of video tutorials that will teach you the basics of using the Decentraland SDK.

We're fast approaching September 16th and the kick off of our Game Jam – a two-week event where artists and developers will create interactive 3D scenes using the Decentraland SDK and compete for over $250,000 USD of MANA and LAND prizes.

In the lead up to launch, we’re unveiling two key initiatives:

The first, which we’ll cover in an upcoming post, is a series of offline talks and bootcamps in multiple cities around the world. The second is the SDK Tutorial Series...

The building blocks of creation

The tutorials in this series cover the basic mechanics of the Decentraland SDK. This includes:

  • How to install the SDK
  • How to place and animate objects
  • How to manage click events
  • How to implement UI
  • How to use the new ‘utils’ library, which greatly enhances the development experience

By the end of the series you’ll have the knowledge to complete your very own Escape Room game comprising nine different rooms (which can be found in this GitHub repo), so get ready for a lot of fun!

Even if you’ve never done any game development, you’ll find these videos informative and easy to follow. They can be digested as a series or as independent modules:

What you’ll be learning

  1. Intro to the Escape Room game and the goals for the tutorial series.

  2. Set up your development environment, create a Decentraland scene, and place a 3D model.

  3. Add a 3D model to your scene and set its coordinates.

  4. Play an animation to open the door.

  5. Add a sound effect which plays when the door opens.

  6. Move code for each room into its own file.

Come out like a builder. Make out like a bandit

At the conclusion of our Decentraland SDK Tutorial Series, you’ll also have everything you need to come out of the Game Jam with a qualified 3D scene which, should you submit it, could make you the recipient of 1,000 MANA, as well as LAND and prizes ranging from 25,000 to 350,000 MANA for the top 20 winners.

But you gotta be in it to win it, so sign up, scroll up and start watching. Plus make sure you stay tuned to our Decentraland SDK Tutorial Series.

See you in the Metaverse!

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