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David Papamichael
David Papamichael

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Post Makers - Week 16

Another week has passed and now 4 months have elapsed since graduating...although this week ended on a slight different note!

It seems that someone heard my rants from last weeks post and I was lucky enough to have two interviews! The first was for a Fintech company, and after speaking to the recruiter (and bonding over our love of food) I was out forward to the technical round which I will elaborate more on next week once I have received it!

The second interview was for an exciting start up in a SaaS company. The company has great reviews, the team seem super young and motivated and the prospect looks like a great long term option! I'm trying not to get too ahead of myself and just keep calm and take each step as it comes. After 4 months of nothing, 2 in the last week seems like a dream!

Other than that, I have been spending time searching more about React and the 'proper' layout and composition of components, and when to use hooks's a great learning curve as I am tweaking the famed covid project with these changes, adding a router, reducing the amount of prop drilling and adding tests!

More to follow on the interviews next week!

As always stay safe,


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