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Post Makers - Week 14

This week was a quiet one. After my ramblings last week, I spent time searching for jobs, and applying to companies who I genuinely wanted to work for.

It seems that someone out there heard me moaning, there does seem to be a few more roles around, and some of the ones I came across even mentioned that they were suitable for bootcamp grads! Fingers crossed this is the shape of things to come. It seems that there is a direct correlation with government strictness, the less severe, the more companies are likely to hire/onboard juniors.

Makers also had a job posted for the first time in 3 months which is great, i've applied so fingers crossed something positive comes back soon.

On the coding site I spent a couple of days trying to get an authentication system in place in a PERN stack app I am making. It's a bit fiddly, but it has been fun to use the react router and tokens to validate a user.

Next week i'm planning on hooking back up with my old partners in crime Nic and Asia to start a new project, the successor of the covid application.

Fingers crossed it will be as much fun, and as resourceful as that!

Stay safe everyone,


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