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I make this post slightly late...it's funny how with nowhere to be, and little to do, things can get rather busy!

Over the last week I have joined the British public in moaning about the recent change of weather, and having a full social diary of zoom quizzes with friends and family each evening.

Coding this last week has been good. I have continued to explore react and the Chart.js library which has been great. I also took a couple of days to properly refactor the code, as much as I claimed to have good coding principals, this particular project did not reflect this. I started to research about the best practises of React components and spent the next 2 days creating parent child relationships to effectively and efficiently pass down props between them.

This again got me thinking just how good Makers prepared me for real world coding. I did not learn how to write JavaScript or Ruby...I learned how to write good code and design good programmes. This has helped me search the right things, read the right documentation, and search out the right code. Again a small victory feeling in these dark times.

The job hunt still seems futile, but i'm pressing on and applying as much as possible for roles that grab me. I'm not expecting much still, the world has bigger issues currently, but fingers crossed something positive will happen for everyone in the near future!

I wish everyone a warm quarantine, until next time.


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