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15 weeks have now come and gone since graduating from the Makers Academy. Whilst the sign of covid seem to be optimistic from the UK (with the opening of pubs happening next week), I cant seem to help think that we are still in this for the long run... The so called second waves happening around Europe, America, and as of this morning China may be a picture of what is to come.

This had me thinking, what have I achieved in 15 weeks since graduating, and more importantly, am I a better developer today than I was way back when?

The answer is yes.

The time is takes to solve almost any problem is less, not necessarily because I know more, but because I am becoming more and more used to struggling. This may sound strange but struggling is part of the game, knowing how to cope, think positively and be intuitive are all skills I have since acquired more of.

The ability to understand new concepts is also drastically less. I can almost place a new syntax, principal or component in the "same same but different" zone when comparing it to other tech, and it seems to me now that most tech I have started to use more and more (most recently the Jest and Enzyme testing suites) are the same as the Jasmine library for example. And they are used in similar ways to the Capybara test suite of my old haunt Ruby.... This linkage has become a powerful tool for me to power though, understand and use technology more efficiently.

This enthusiasm has allowed me to put the proverbial cherry on top of several projects I had finished, but not quite finished, this week I managed to style the Recipe Book app i created using Ruby/Sinatra, create a saved state update via an AJAX request for my Thermostat application, feature test me twitter clone using the PERN stack, and unit test the RESTful API backend.

I will carry this momentum into next week where i will attempt to discover extensions to React, mainly Redux and styled components.

As always, stay safe!


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