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Imam Ali Mustofa
Imam Ali Mustofa

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Hi there,

This article will be an article that is less interesting for you, because in this series of articles that will be written every time I have free time, this article will contain stupid snippets that are not at all interesting.

So don't waste a lot of your time reading this article. The title of this series can be deceptive. But I can't guarantee its correctness. Therefore don't follow and don't waste 1 or 3 minutes reading this article series.

I am Imam Ali Mustofa, a stupid writer from Indonesia who is proud of himself, even though I don't want to be called selfish and attention seeking. But I want to be called narcissistic, that's all.

Thank you for wasting reading this article to the end, which means you've wasted time.

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Regex for lazy developers

regex for lazy devs

You know who you are. Sorry for the callout 😆