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Never Ask Me, Why?

The problem that is often faced by many programmers (especially beginners) is the opportunity to write documentation. Like me in those stupid times, I was too busy with ideas that I found interesting and fun to be able to experiment and discover something new.

But all those experiments and discoveries just GONE after the full moon.

How important is writing documentation as a programmer?

Documentation is history

History is written on purpose to find out how stupid we are from time to time and can be fun for us every now and then because we know that we were actually smart before.

Documentation is a mind map

By writing documentation we can map thoughts and organize the flow of a system to achieve the desired goals. Because we realize that our brains are big and complicated, we often get lost in them. With documentation, we can by knowing how we can get started accordingly and get things done.

Documentation is Novel

Writing documentation is the same as writing a novel, because basically all programming languages ​​are languages ​​for communicating, the language used to interact with machines and don't forget about humans.

In a program there are various kinds of plots, surprises, emotions, and characters for each feature or figure.

How nice would it be if we or even other people could read it and find out how great or stupid we were in making a program.

How about you? Do you guys enjoy writing documentation too?

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