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YOU NEED to Learn Python in 2022! (Business Perspective)

Python is one of the easiest programming languages to get started with. For this reason, the community keeps growing every month.

Because of its simplicity (of the Syntax), Python has become the most popular language.

Besides, Python helps Engineers build great products in many industries and professional domains.
The Programmer's life gets easier when it comes to having a look at Python.

What about the Python Business Market size?


Python is an open-source language, which means that anyone can use it. However, if you look to an industry such as data analytics, in which Python can be used, the market value is over $10 billion.

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Here are the top 10 most common uses of Python by industry


▪ Insurance: Creating business insights with machine learning.

▪ Retail Banking: Flexible data transformation and manipulation.

▪ Aerospace: Meeting software system deadlines.

▪ Finance: Data mining to identify cross-sell opportunities.

▪ Business Services: API access to financial information

▪ Hardware: Automating network administration

▪ Healthcare: Predicting disease prognosis

▪ Consulting Services: Bespoke web development

▪ InfoTech: IT modernization

▪ Software: Adding extensibility to legacy applications

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Here are 5 World-Class Software Companies That Use Python

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Google, Meta (Facebook), Instagram, Netflix, Instagram.
There are plenty of companies searching for Python Developers around the globe.

Hence, I created this Blog to help you out!


Hence, Learning Python helps you create Opportunities from jobs to Building Products people use.
I just got into Full-stack development using Python Software Development, React + Python as Tech Stack.

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May I ask how python could be used to predict diseases diagnosed

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CodeWithKenn Author

Hey, Tifey!

Machine Learning algorithms are implemented using Python Language, and this can be used for diseases predictions such as cancer cells observed from some data model.

If you like to know more, you may need to look at this article: