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Inside the Box: February Community Update

Hey everyone πŸ‘‹

We are back with our February update!

"But wait," you ask, "aren't we halfway through March?"

And right you are! But let's just say that we've been so busy after the big CodeSandbox CDE release that we have just now got to writing this update.

So, let's get started looking at everything that's been happening in the CodeSandboxosphere.

Latest Product News

Simpler VM resizing πŸ”₯ β€” Say you've been working on a feature branch in CodeSandbox CDE and have to run an especially resource-intensive task. Don't you wish you could give that VM some more juice for a few minutes? Well, now you can do it using the VM resizing option, right from the editor!

Simpler VM resizing

Team-based preview subdomains 🌐 β€” To empower a growing number of teams using CodeSandbox for their work projects, we have rolled out the ability to enable custom domains for previews. This can be helpful for cases like CORS "allow origin" headers, OAuth redirect URLs, and setting trusted URLs for forwarding requests. This feature can only be enabled on request.

Team-based preview subdomains

Notifications for PR events πŸ”” β€” Now, whenever a workspace has configured the CodeSandbox GitHub App integration, workspace members will receive Dashboard notifications for events such as PR review requests, approvals, requested changes, and more.

Better invite management πŸ“© β€” Adding and managing users in your workspace is now easier than ever! Now, you can edit workspace members directly from the editor's 'Share' modal. Plus, the workspace member overview now also shows pending invitations and pending requests to join a workspace (which can be managed by workspace admins).

Meet Us @ Events

Developer Collaboration in the Cloud β€” Coding in cloud development environments can massively enhance sync and async collaboration. In this episode of "Bits and Boxes", CodeSandbox engineers Christian Alfoni, Alex Moldovan and Danilo Woznika highlighted some of the most valuable flows of collaborating in the cloud.

Developer Collaboration in the Cloud

Making the Codebase Accessible to Non-Coders β€” In yet another episode of Bits and Boxes, Alex invited Filipe from the Marketing team to explore CDE flows that are valuable to Marketing, Design and Product teams.

Making the Codebase Accessible to Non-Coders

DevWorld Conference β€” On leap day, Sanne from our BeOps team was greeted by a full house at the DevWorld Conference in Amsterdam for the talk "Elixir: Happy Developers and Scaleable Backends".

DevWorld Conference

Web Bytes

Are CDEs Coming to Replace Local Development? β€” The million-dollar question: coding in the cloud or locally? Well… why not both? This blog post from our Lead Engineer, Christian, explores the different benefits, drawbacks and synergies of local development and CDEs.

Golden tickets 🎫 β€” We have released 5 golden tickets into the wild, each worth 1 month of unlimited usage. Tickets are hidden behind 5 super-secret milestones in our CDE. Two have been found so far, but expect an email from us if you find any of the remaining three!

Golden tickets

Thank You πŸ–€

We hope you enjoyed this issue of Inside the Box!

We are curious about what you feel is missing from these newsletters and what you would like us to add to the next one!

What should we bring next? Tell us on our community space!

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