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How I am managing ton of Issue and Pull request message with Discord-Webhooks?

Hey Maintainers,

HacktoberFest is next week and you are getting a lot of issues and Pull request and finding a way to receive every update for that to manage your code.

it may sometimes hard to find issues and Pull request. what if you receive push-notification on your Pc/Mobile.

Have you ever used webhooks or Discord? With the help of Discord webhooks, you can get your GitHub Repository notification directly into your Discord Channel.

Here I will tell you the step by step guide for that

  • Create a person discord server and create a channel for your Github Repository where you will get notifications.

  • Click on edit channel and click on integrations and make a webhook & copy URL for that

Alt Text

  • Open your GitHub repository and click on settings/webhooks

  • Paste your WEBHOOK_URl there in payload_url and add /github in the last of URL


  • select content type to application/json. Alt Text
  • Click to send me everything and add webhooks.
  • Click on a star to test notification in your Discord-server.

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