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What's Your Go-To Hack for Breaking Through a Coding Block?

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When faced with a stubborn coding challenge, what's your secret weapon to spark creativity and overcome the block?

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Formulating a StackOverflow question.

StackOverflow requires real work to ask a question, and I find that writing out things like my goal and what I've tried and listing similar questions and why I don't think those similar questions have the answer I'm looking for... These are all steps to solving the problem. Half the time, I figure it out on my own and don't end up sending the question.

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Lol 😂 So the potential responses from stackoverflow tire you out that much that you you don’t even ask the
I have seen it too.... there is always someone to ask you if you tried first and or googles first lol
But the fact that you can sort it out means you are strong

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Dan Bailey

I go for a bike ride and let my subconscious chew on it.

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Jean-Michel (

I leave my computer and walk outside

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Keith Solomon

Sometimes you have to get up and walk away from what you’re doing to get some perspective. When I smoked, I’d burn one…now I usually go make a cup of coffee.

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I stretch out my feet and take a nap 15 minutes later. I’m back at it rocking like mountain.