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How Many Hours Do You Work in a Week?

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How many hours do you usually dedicate to your developer endeavors each week?

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FJones • Edited

My contract says 40hpw.

Realistically, it's anywhere between 32h and 60h, depending on the week. A lot of that is management overhead and on-call times, as well as overtime during certain weeks throughout the year when our inbound volume is greater through external factors.

That's only counting my 9-to-5, though. In addition I have two independent large-scale projects every year, which eat an indeterminate amount of time on top.

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What other side projects are those ?!

And what do you do in a day to day ?!

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Artak Avetyan

It depends on the work you mind πŸ˜€
I have 2 works:

  • One work is for food. It means my main income. Since I'm a freelancer, I work no more than 40 hours. Sometimes 35 or even 30.
  • Another work is for heart with the focus on the future. Here I don't calculate, but in average could be up to 30 hours.
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I guess it depends on what you consider work. I enjoy programming and learning about things I enjoy, so does that really count as work?

Realistically though, school takes me about 4-5 hours a day, plus an hour for extra studying, and after that, I go program, do Leetcode, or research something that peeks my interest. All of that totals to about 50-60 hours a week (I think), sometimes with another 10-15 on the weekends.

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Ben Halpern

I sometimes work too hard that I'm exhausted, but I tend not to push the hours too badly. So 45-50 for me probably. As a founder, I think this is pretty reasonable.

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Willy Vaessen

Hard to tell.
I work 40 hours per week for my day job, but in between I also spend quite some time learning and developing.

Outside of work I think 3-4 hours every day.

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What do you do at work andvwgatvextra learning do you do ?!

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Willy Vaessen

For work I'm now trying to figure out how the Sharepoint REST API works, in order for us to use it as Document Management solution.

Outside of work I'm currently focusing on JavaScript/Node.js and html/css.

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Joe Burkhart

I currently work a 9 - 5 (non-tech job). And in my off time, and even some on-the-clock time, I will dedicate to writing code or researching for a project I'm working on. Overall, I would say I spend anywhere between 25 and 30 hpw on coding/researching/studying right now, until I finally get my first full time job in the industry.

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Five days a week, 9 am to 5 pm. Rest is all My time and My Family time.

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Jorge Ossa

Should be 45hpw, but the truth... I spend 20h coding and the other ones I don't count it because some are procrastinating....

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Anders Persson

40h / week at work.

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Bruno Monteiro

40h/week at my job.
Other than that, around 20h/week studying and working on side projects.