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Weekly Challenge #7 - To-do App

Hey all!

I find it really hard to get my tasks done if I don't have some way to clearly organize them in front of me. Just being able to cross it off when I'm done provides a sense of closure. It's an even better way to motivate myself if I can gamify it in some way by assigning rewards or punishments to certain tasks.

This week's programming challenge is to build a todo list application that allows users to add, edit, and delete tasks. The application should, at a minimum, also allow users to mark tasks as complete.

To get started, you'll need to choose a language or framework to use. Java, Python, and C# are popular options for making this kind of app. Some popular web framework options for this challenge include React, Vue.js, or Angular. You'll also need to use HTML and CSS or an interface library to create the user interface for your application.

Here are the basic features your application should have:

  • Adding a new task: Users should be able to enter a new task into the application, along with a due date and a category (e.g. work, personal, errands).
  • Editing a task: Users should be able to edit the details of a task, including the task name, due date, and category.
  • Deleting a task: Users should be able to delete a task from the list.
  • Marking a task as complete: Users should be able to mark a task as complete, which should remove it from the list of active tasks.

To make your application stand out, consider adding additional features, such as:

  • Sorting tasks by due date or priority.
  • Setting reminders or notifications for tasks that are due soon.
  • Allowing users to share their task lists with others or collaborate on tasks with colleagues or family members.
  • Adding incentives to tasks.

Once you've built your application, be sure to test it thoroughly to make sure all of the features are working as intended. You can also customize your application by adding additional features or improving the user interface.

Thanks for following along! I'll be posting my own version of this app in the comments below. When you're ready, share your application on DEV Community and challenge other developers to create their own todo list application! Remember to follow CodeNewbie on DEV for more beginner tutorials, tips, and discussion!

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Elijah Echekwu

Pls how can I go about this,
Using django rest framework to design the backend and React or Vue for the Frontend.

I know how to carry out the basic CRUD operation on django. But implementing some other functions seems challenging, tho I've not attempted it.