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Weekly Challenge #6 - Weather App

Hey all! I'm not sure about you, but the weather's been pretty turbulent where I live. Last week we had really cold 30°F/0°C days and now this week we're having a streak of 85°F/30°C days, with thunderstorms in between. Let me know if you've had any similar experiences with your local weather recently.

On theme, this week's programming challenge is to build a web-based weather application that allows users to view weather forecasts for their location. Your web-based application should retrieve weather data from a weather API and display it to the user. The application should be able to detect the user's location and display the weather forecast for that location. It should also be able to display current weather conditions, such as temperature and humidity. By participating in this challenge, you'll not only improve your coding skills, but also create a useful and informative application that can help users plan their day and stay safe in inclement weather.

To get started, you'll need to choose a weather API to use. There are many weather APIs available, including OpenWeatherMap and Weather Underground. Once you've chosen an API, you'll need to sign up for an API key, which will allow you to access the API's data.

Next, start building your application! You can use any programming language or framework you like, but some good options for this challenge might include JavaScript, React, or Vue.js. You'll also need to use HTML and CSS to create the user interface for your application. Once you've written your code, test it out by entering different locations and verifying that the weather data is accurate. You can also customize your application by adding additional features, such as a 7-day forecast or the ability to search for weather data by city or ZIP code.

When you're happy with your application, share it on DEV Community and challenge other developers to create their own weather applications. You can also encourage them to customize their applications by adding additional features or using different weather APIs.

Thanks for following along! I'll be posting my own version of this app in the comments below. Remember to follow CodeNewbie on DEV for more beginner tutorials, tips, and discussion!

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